Friday, March 31, 2017

Parlangua - Night Terrors

Born out of the ashes of the excellent Thothamon, Parlangua from Birmingham, AL, take a different route from their predecessor. Mixing Celtic Frost, Motörhead and Venom with a dollop of Southern Darkness, they sound so refreshing and on point. While being raw and primitive, this recording is full and brutally heavy which enhances Parlangua's sinister and no bullshit attitude. And I love it! How could I not?

This three piece aren't creating a new genre but what they do is breathe new life into an already exciting genre. And that's what makes them stand out. Being a brand new band Parlangua are a little rough around the edges but that adds to them as a force. What I mean is their sound combined with this rawness brings out what the band is all about. And that's all we, as listeners and fans, need. Because this release is fantastic.

My only "complaint" with 'Night Terrors' is the shortness of songs. Hell yeah, three songs of this badassery is not enough. Although I should be happy with what's on hand, which I truly am. After all, the guys have done magnificently well but that's why I want more. Yeah, I'm a greedy sod but listen to 'Night Terrors' and you'll know why.

Starting out with the lurking menace of ‘Buried In St.Louis’ with it’s controlled chaos and nightmarish approach, the band brings on the paranoia in ‘Curse Of The Parlangua’. Faster and claustrophobic it leads into closer ‘Phoenix Lights’. No holds barred, Parlangua pummels me into a vortex of endless nightmares and horrors. Beautiful!

Parlangua has definitely hit the ground running with this amazing debut. We need more bands like this who tells it like it is, and who does it the way they want to. You can’t ask for much more than that, dear wave riders! So tune in to these miscreants and allow yourselves to be blown away.


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