Sunday, March 12, 2017

Metallica – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

Okay so let’s get something clear from the beginning. I am a Metallica fan of biblical proportions since 1986. I worship this band like the pope worships God. All that ever mattered in life has a Metallica tune to go with it. But it has not been easy to love this band. Much of the 90’s and forward has not been a love story but more of a Ingmar Bergman thing. Angst, depression and death. I am their greatest fan but also their hardest critic. 

As I said, not everything that Metallica released after 1991 has been all good. But there has always been something to hold on to. Parts of ”Load” and ”Reload” are stellar. Even ”St Anger” had its moments. Well maybe not the production and some of the all too lengthy songs but for the fuck-you-all attitude.  Then we have “Death Magnetic” that came as a beacon of hope. They did most of it right on that album I think although some of the songs too needed some editing. 

Which brings us to “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”. It actually took me this long to get my head around this album. From the moment I heard the first single “Hardwired” I knew that this was something else. This was straight to the point, no bullshit, 100% Metallica at their best going in high speed mode. It was thrashy and heavy. And then came “Moth Into Flame”. Still heavy but with a hook and verse that just annihilated all my doubts that this would be an altogether great Metallica album that you did not need to defend in any way.

As always with Metallica since 1991 nothing is small with this band. So of course this album is a double LP with 12 long tracks (except “Hardwired”) combining elements from the bands different eras. You got the slower heavy rawness from the early days (“Dream No More”), the epic heavy tunes (“Dream No More”, “Am I Savage”, “Now That We’re Dead”), the melodic groovy stuff (“Here Comes Revenge”, “Confusion”, ManUNkind”, “Murder One”), the thrash metal anthems (“Moth Into Flame”, “Atlas, Rise”) and the all-out thrash metal attack (“Hardwired”, "Spit Out The Bone”). 

What’s not to like? Yes, you can argue that this is a very long album that could need some editing. But I don’t think so. Yes, you could argue that they only try to repeat old merits. But I don’t agree. This is Metallica. My Metallica. It is an album that I have listened to back to back on a regular basis since its release and I am still not tired of it. I am still amazed by Hetfields voice and killer riffs on this one. And I love Hammetts solos ‘til death.  And there is something with the over-all feeling to this album that awakens the 15 year old beardless metal head me inside my head. Call it nostalgia or whatever. I don’t really care. 

This is fucking Metallica and they will never stop and never quit to bang that head that doesn’t bang.

-The Void

All videos from “Hardwired… to self-destruct”:

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