Thursday, August 18, 2016

Who Wants To Hear Some Punk Rock?

Waveriders.  The other day I was analyzing myself to figure out what was missing.  Why wasn't the music I was listening to more satisfying?  These were tunes that I really liked yet they were not scratching an itch I clearly needed to address.  Then it hit me.  I was missing a key component of my musical food pyramid.  Punk rock.  So, inspired by my fellow Ripple scribe The Huntsman, I set off to the one place I knew offered boundless potential for discovery.  Yes, I speak of the wondrous land of Bandcamp! 

In short order I found a few groups who made the absence of enjoyment I was experiencing disappear.  Without further ado I'd like to share them with you.

Poor Form - Demo
This demo was actually my last find on Bandcamp, but it is hands down my favorite!  These songs sound rough, rugged, and gloriously unkempt.  Dual vocalists provide sonic variety and remind me of X (if John Doe decided screaming was the way to go).  Bottom line?  This band is wonderfully snotty and melodic!  Check them out!

Damn The Torpedoes - III
When I listened to "Down To The Wire" for the first time my mind immediately drew comparisons to The Riverboat Gamblers, one of my favorite bands to listen to when I'm in the mood for ridiculously energetic rock and roll rooted in punk.  Simple, to the point, and righteous!  The rest of the songs on III cemented my positive impression and proceeded to build a reinforced concrete bunker around that impression that can withstand any form of shelling known to man.  So yeah, pretty good stuff in my book.

Crash Of Rhinos - Distal
Deviating a bit from my two previous selections this band has some downright gorgeous melodic post-punk songs on offer.  Also there are some strong math rock overtones which make this music significantly more appealing to my ears.  It's a fantastically memorable sonic concoction that allows the group's lengthier tunes to keep my attention and never feel boring.  Terrifically impressive album!

Vlasta Popic - Za Ocnjake
First things first I do not speak the Croatian language so I apologize if you put this group's lyrics into a translator and something amazingly offensive is the result.  All I can go off of is how much these songs remind me of Gang Of Four.  The instrumentation is rather stark and the vocals have just a hint of abrasiveness to them that I find genuinely enticing.  Definitely recommended!


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