Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza – Hot Off The Grill

Today we feature a few of the hottest dishes served up at bandcamp in recent weeks. Yes, we eat this shit up daily, and are calling on you to dig in, grab your plates, turntables, Bluetooth speakers, and taste what the smoldering pit in the center of the heavy rock section of camp is cooking! Hope you came hungry!

Horseburner – Dead Seeds, Barren Soil
Do we have a new sheriff in Album of the Year Town? We'll find out on the 8th! There's a good chance based off of 'David' on its own.”

This bad boy came smoking off the flames in the bandcamp pit a few weeks ago on pre-order with just one track ‘David’ available. After checking the available back catalog, which got my full approval it was a matter of a couple clicks of the mouse and the vinyl edition was on pre-order. Yes, it’s that good folks!! The vinyl, the artwork, the music is a must have and one of the hardest rocking albums I’ve heard in some time. My original intuition on a one track preview came through and stands affirmed.

Mountain Dust – Nine Years
The dust is thick up at base camp and Mountain Dust is the soundtrack.

Mountain Dust clouds the air with craggy blues swirling with evocative groove while its surly vocal chops darken the ozone with plumes of wicked riffage. Demented solos, beefy distortion and spooky harmonic undercurrents give Nine Years a superb debut album rating! Favorite track: Dead Queen”

Boudain – Way of the Hoof
Boudain made their way to camp by way of the hoof. Yes, they rode in on stoner bred stock wearing denim and leather, reeking of booze and clouded with smoke.

It’s like Fu Manchu meets Grizzly Adams! Thick, burly bearded rawk n roll with bluesy psych flourishes aplenty.”

What more can I say? Boudain plasters the listener with beefy riffs, grizzled vocal hymns, and pummeling groove. It’s a winning combination and one to watch out for.

Novakain – Nature’s Candy
To keep camp’s sweet tooth chomping, Novakain decided to pay a visit from their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, with their answer to the hard rocking atmosphere of this mystical little camp called band. They numb the pallet with their own brand of funky blues. Tastes good to me and they have plenty of candy to go around. I think you should have a taste!

The sleazy bar stool-blues numbs the senses with some of nature’s finest ear candy. Raucous riffs, haggard vocals and tripped out groove give Novakain 2 buck-tooths up.”

Stone Witch – Order of the Goat
What fun is camp without a little goat action? Stone Witch raise their goat to slaughter with occult riffage and roast over a crackling camp fire smoking with heavy blues.

Low tuned bass meets high output fuzz in a well-orchestrated take on occult driven blues. Order of the Goat comes in hot on riffs and heavy in doomy groove”

That concludes this edition of Bandcamp Bonanza. The feast was heavy this go around, and the flavor was dripping with groove. We even had some sizzling dessert to soothe are riff stained teeth. Hope you’re having fun in camp this summer, as the combinations of bad ass bands are endless and reasonably priced for the most part. Keep your tents pitched for the forecast is calling for bluesy skies, heavy rock winds, and a continuation of scorching hot riffs. Stay safe and rock on!

-The Huntsman

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