Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wizard Of Fuzz 2016

If you visit Sweden just once this year you should plan your trip to Gothenburg September 30 – October 1. That's when the Wizard Of Fuzz Festival is happening this year and considering that last years festivities where beyond awesome this years line up is promising to be even more intense.

The festival takes place at the old military compound Kviberg in Gothenburg and offers a very friendly and cool atmosphere with great music and nice people. Last year's festival was the first one and bands like MaidaVale, Stones From The Sun, Black Rainbow, Serpent, Serpent Omega, Colossus and many more preformed including the very first live performance by new heavy sensation Cities Of Mars. The mix of somewhat known to unknown local acts made the festival a real cool thing that never got boring.

This years line up promise to be just as awesome:

Kabbalah (ESP)
Ocean Chief
The Blue Ruin
Age of Woe
Ill Wicker
Yuri Gagarin
Agatha (IT)
Mammoth Storm
Bird and Beast 

Enjoy the preview on Spotify right here:

Plain link:

Live stuff from last years Wizard Of Fuzz

More info on Facebook:

-The Void

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