Friday, July 1, 2016

ENDLESS FLOODS - Debut album "Endless Floods"

Available now on digital - LISTEN

"A vast, never-ending room of heavy." Cvlt Nation

"Four extremely heavy and slow tracks driven by crushing bass lines and a guitar
that might have the power to stretch the space-time continuum." Shoot Me Again

"It all sounds so unsettling, anxious, and even deranged at times."

1. Setting Fire To The Shelter
2. Carpathes
3. Flood
4. Eternal Failure

ENDLESS FLOODS is a doom-oriented three-piece from Bordeaux, France, formed in 2015 as a side project by members of several active bands of the underground heavy scene. With a strong will to keep "no boundaries in heaviness" as a motto, ENDLESS FLOODS raise an extra-thick wall of sound by blending the darkest sides of doom, the filthy and gloomy vibe of sludge metal and the mind-expanding structures of ambient metal. This pure raw sound assault crafted around  a minimalistic approach will lock you in "a vast, never-ending room of heavy", according to Cvlt Nation’s founder Sean Reveron, allowing the listener to breathe while being completely immersed in a hulking, feedback-laden, sonic experience. The Bordelais trio released their self-titled debut in late 2015, which was released on cassette via Breathe Plastic Records in February 2016. The band released a split EP with Netherlands’ UUR this May that features a brand new track entitled "Conquest", and which artwork was designed by Derek Setzer. The ENDLESS FLOODS/UUR split EP will see a cassette tape release later this year through Fvtvrecordings.

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