Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza – Wishlist Blues

One of the beauties of bandcamp is the wishlist feature. If you have the mobile app it’s a simple click of the button to add an album to your wishlist and save for a later listen. You can listen to the album in full usually for a certain number of plays before it starts telling you the time has come to open your heart/wallet and add to your collection. My wishlist is somewhat of a collection of albums to listen to recommended by others found on the feed, or a legitimate list of albums I wish were in my collection, but financial ties prevent me from adding at the moment. Below are some albums that are truly wishes to own outright and that I just have not got around to purchasing yet. I do take download codes in case you were wondering.  

Lacertilia – We’re Already Inside Your Mind

Lacertilia only took two songs to get inside my mind and since the full album went live on bandcamp just days ago, the entire album gets inside your head and flushes it with a heady concoction of blistering blues based stoner rock. The space factor weaves itself seamlessly against the heavy doom atmosphere and the vocals throb with a muscular tone. Psyche flourishes in the form of fuzzed out solos, while the eerie rhythm pounds with enchantment. Blown away by this. If it were on wax I would have bought. Check this out man! Unbelievable!

The Archaic Revival – Rock n Roll Holocaust

Archaic Revival’s full length debut album comes to us by way of Sydney Australia. If the Aussies know one thing, they know how to rock n roll. The Archaic Revival demonstrates that loud and clear on Rock n Roll Holocaust. Total smasher!! Here is what the band has to say:
“Our ever faithful denizens of the night, purveyors of filth, rock n roll scumbags and motherfuckers of spaceship Earth; here it is - our debut LP "Rock n Roll Holocaust."
We have put everything we have into the the recording of this album. People have died. Cars have been crashed. Tears have been spilt and mixed with our whiskey. Virgins have been sonically impregnated in their sleep by the solos of Davo X, and bastard children have sacrificed themselves to Satan in our honour.
So grab a drink, pack your bong and turn this fucker all the way up. Low volume will not suffice.
Take drugs and worship Satan, rock n rollers!!!”

Mindkult – Witch’s Oath

Mindkult came out of nowhere, as most these bands do nowadays and hammers us with a brooding stoner/doom EP called Witch’s Oath. Also still hanging out in my wishlist, Mindkult are bound to adhere to fans of classic doom and melodic stoner metal with its building riffs, clean vocals, and overall sonic landscape of head banging distortion. They have tapes for sale. Get em while they’re hot. Aptly priced at $6.66. Oh and did I say, this is the work of just one dude? Holy fuck, well done sire, well fucking done!!

Bailjack – Show Me Your Heart

Ironically enough, this one has hit the “Time Has Come to open your heart/wallet” in the bandcamp wishlist via the mobile app. That means I have listened to this album multiple times in full via my wishlist. Albums that hit that mark are worthy of sharing by definition. This bad boy is an intriguing as hell blues base stoner rock album. Dripping with soul and soaring with dusty reverb and weighted with grungy blues, Bailjack have released one of the more unique sounding albums I’ve heard in a while. Combining little bits of everything I like including psychedelics, blues, fuzz, grunge and even soul, Show Me Your Heart shows us their’s and asks that we open ours (wallet) and support. Okay, I just did, literally. My wish in Bailjacks case has become a reality and become album #1387 in my collection.

That wraps up this wishlist edition of Bandcamp Bonanza. It pains me to keep these bad boys in the wishlist for so long, but I have to draw the line at some point or I will starve my growing children of food. They can’t survive solely on heavy ass rock n roll, but they get healthy supplements of it anyway. Ride the waves folks and keep yourself cool and stay hydrated. My safety moment for you all.

-The Huntsman

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