Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza - Almost Evil

So yesterday was 6/6/16, and honestly it meant not much to me compared to what the year 2066 is going to bring on the 6th of June from a superstition.  Sure there are 3 sixes almost in a row which would be hypothetically the mark of the beast, but almost does not count. Either way the music coming out remains strong and this article highlights a couple bands that almost hit the demonic mark, but come up short just being more fantastic heavy rock and roll albums that I found myself lost within for weeks to come. Hell, that’s a win-win for me, no pun intended. Check these bad boys out. I am sharing almost 6 albums just to keep the theme alive, and because I can.

Stoned Spirit – Spirits of Zos
Slow burning stoner riffs with a hauntingly doom drive amplify like rock and roll spirits in a moonlit desert. The vocals veer in and out of sinister wales to melodic echoes as the creamy riffs blister with a groove-laden psych and the twisted melody rings over the heavy blues crusted atmosphere. Favorite track: Titos.

Sun and Stone – Elephants Eye
They call it dancing doom in their description. I would have to agree that's apt. The dreamy psychedelic licks bake like rays of Sun scold a naked drunk and the cosmic riffs break like stone under dynamite. On my 4th straight listen and I don't have to stop. This is intense! Favorite track: Daggers Doom and Doubt.

Looking Glass – Volume 4
Looking through the fuzzy Glass of Volume 4 reveals a sonic landscape of heavy, groovy RAWK. The melodic riffs are tight, the magnetic solos are ethereal and the charming vocals bring it home with an atmospheric croon. Equal parts metal, psych, and stoner blended to perfection!

Tusks – Embers
Fuzz baked stoner punk with a grizzled Glenn Danzig vibe that belts out demented bass heavy desert rock riffs plastered with swampy southern sludge These guys are definitely waving their 'Freak Flag' and it's amazing! Take a second and third listen and it'll sink in.

Nebula Drag – Nebula Drag
Nebula Drag resemble a slightly off kilter early hardcore punk band sopping with a strong southern sludge exterior. The riffs are mesmerizingly filthy & screaming with psychedelics, the groove is deeply arousing and the energy is rock n roll all night to a wake n bake sunrise.

Stoned Cobra – Armed and Hammered
These guys are something else. I did a full review of their last album ‘High and Mighty’ back in my Grip of Delusion Radio blog days which was stunning. The new one is just as good if not better.
The cobra is not only stoned with heavy grooves galore, but it is armed with metallic riffs and hammered with bluesy solos trembling like a hallucinogenic fantasy. This is rock and roll for the modern metal militia loaded with enough ammo to supplement the hard rock revolution upon us now.

Moondrake – Moondrake
Moondrake shreds a proto-tinged rock n roll through mountains of molten blues, soaring high on psychedelics and crashing its galactic metal into acidic clouds of stoner groove. This is the real deal folks. Prepare for maximum volume eclipsed with hard, fast and heavy riffs.

All of these albums left me speechless upon first listen and begged for instant repeats. Most I played on repeat for at least 3 listens and on into some of my most played albums on bandcamp of the year. With that in mind do your due diligence and check them all out. Each one has something unique and special to it, not following any real trends in the modern underground scene. Just straight up original heavy rock. 

 -The Huntsman

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