Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SUNNATA stream new album "Zorya" in full via Terrorizer!

In anticipation of the imminent release of their spellbinding new album, Polish ritual doom-mongers SUNNATA have teamed up with Terrorizer to stream "Zorya" in full today. 
► Listen to Sunnata's new album "Zorya" in full NOW ◀︎
"Not all doom will crush you, have you running for your bong, or will put a spell on you
– because some doom will expand your mind while doing everything I mentioned."
Cvlt Nation
"Powerful, psychedelic, melodic, stormy
. What a thrill." - Metalorgie
"Zorya tears you away from your human condition to take you somewhere higher."
Metal And Oddities
"A big, heavy, and noisy spiritual doom album that you’ll enjoy." - No Clean Singing
SUNNATA (sanskrit, noun for "void", "emptiness") is a soundscape, where noise crossfades clearness – where walls of fuzz, delay and reverb confront the monolith of absolute silence. Driven by addiction to low frequencies, SUNNATA merge psychedelic trips, doomed & catchy heavy riffage with oriental vibe along with grungy vocals and intense grooves.

Known from expressive live performances, the Polish four-piece has already been invited to share stages with headliners like Conan, Kylesa, Ufomammut or Suma, just to name some of the most remarkable influencers. Their debut full-length Climbing The Colossus has gained notable feedback from many printed and online journals, thanks to their monstrous, agressive and fuzzed-out steamroller songs. 
After a year and half wisely spent writing and experimenting, and a mere four days in Satanic Audio studios (Thaw, Belzebong, Weedpecker), SUNNATA are now ready to deliver their second album Zorya, which they describe as "an exploration of impermanent nature of sound, full of rapid changes and distortion overdose". Let there be noise.
Szy – Vocals
Gad – Guitars
Dob – Bass
Rob – Drums

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