Monday, May 2, 2016

Drawers - S/T

As I described on bandcamp earlier in 2013 I had "shit my drawers" upon listening to Drawers first full length album. When I got a hold of the self-titled album I began frantically inching my way closer to the bathroom just in case. I knew the stench was foul on the previous album, the sludge was deep, the vocals were slightly grading, and perhaps I had eaten jalapeños the day before? The shock of literally shitting my pants however was just a joke, I don't wear drawers, I have full body control of my bowls, yet if a mere sound of guitars, drums and vocals could induce a pants shitting experience 'Drawers' extremely heavy and groovy Baroness-esque progressive sludge crunch could stain a new pair of tightey whiteys. 

I wouldn't say the new album strays much off the path travelled on All is One. It genuinely swerves in and out of catchy sludge-pop to dirty sludge grime. As the record pummels on I began feeling a subtle Torche vibe, hearing bits and pieces with a hint if a slightly softer intimate side. Intimate like the Beauty and the Beast bonus love scene, where the beast is still in Beast mode.

"Shadow Dancers" one of the album highlights, is like the others, best heard with the volume cranked up high. Lots of variation going on in the background and the song maintains a catchy upbeat energy unlike the overall vibe of All is One, which was a little more dark and evil sounding, Drawers exhibits more of a Happy sludge energy. Again more Torche and neutral Baroness noise. Shadow Dancers a clear highlight especially its strong closing one minute sprint.

Both records possess a tightly wound, crisp and fluidly intricate tone. Rowing up a river of murky sludge in pursuit of the fresh inland water, Drawers wind up quenching the listening pallet with a dose of refreshing, almost poppy sludge rock much like Torche did on their 2012 release, Harmonicraft. Drawers keep the heaviness high and the catchiness higher. Vocals are harsh like a dull razor shave for the average bearded sludge metal listener (emphasis on bearded) and accessible enough for the casual stoner rock fanatic that cries wolf the second the vocal strays slightly out of melody. Being not an active supporter of full on growls and squeals from heavy metal vocalists, I can affirm, these are harsh, but so was that bong toke that knocked you into that state of ecstasy and shouldn't scare you away. 

Another stellar release which may or may not top their last album depending on how sharp your razor is, and if in fact you are able to grow a beard. Keep an extra pair of drawers close as a precautionary measure cause you are in for a messy treat.

-The Huntsman

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