Monday, April 25, 2016

The Great Electric Quest

I’ll start off by saying I’ve been meaning to get this review out for over a month now and I’ve been slacking big time. Not just reviewing this record, but finding the time to dedicate to any writing about music lately. Frankly it’s not because I don’t want to rave on about albums; more so, it’s about me just wanting to keep listening to more and more music every day. It’s an epidemic and a first world problem that we are fortunate to be living with these days. Anyhow, not to ramble on when I’m supposed to be promoting the upcoming debut album by San Diego’s own, The Great Electric Quest, otherwise known as the Oceanside, CA boys TGEQ, Buddy Donner (Guitar), Tsweat Dingvell (Vocals), Adam “The Mayor” West (Drums) and Caleb Quam (Bass). The band made their name a couple years ago with their self-titled demo album released back in 2013. We all took a liking to the high energy rock outfit then and we all adore the fact that they are about to debut their full length album soon on a heavy slab of wax of epic proportions.

‘Ogrelude’ opens the voyage with a purring rhythm before quickly thrashing into furious metallic fuzz shredding like Slayer versus the Scorpion King duking it out in the southwestern desert over a plume of reefer residue. Not unlike …And Justice For All era Metallica where the song intros trampled mammoth riffs for minutes on end before the vocals even begin, Ogrelude attacks its introduction with just over 5 minutes of instrumental prowess greasing the ears just enough to overcome the wax build-up. It shows elements of thrash metal, shades of doom, and an overall riff expression of stoner rock. Not a bad combination and leads into song 2.

‘1901’ hole shots out of the gate fuming with a Deep Purple meets Motorhead matchup with riffs and vocals throttling across the southwestern deserts like Kyuss on octane boosters. The molten chords are galvanized by the melodic vocal hammering of Tsweat Dingvall. Serrated riffs jab upon shields of doom, shattering into bits of bluesy proto-metal. Flammable echoes of Viking Metal ignite into stonerized solos of fury.

Madam Elbib’ showcases a classic doom approach with a deep, heavy riff fronted by sinister vocal moans and a profoundly creepy tone, while ‘Damn You’ erupts with an oozing space rock swagger ringing with euphoric melody morphed with demented cries of the Buddy Donner battle axe! Think Mothership meets Nugent officiated by Mustaine. Tripped out stoner metal of the highest order.

‘Cry of the Wolf’ starts off highlighting the somber yet muscular vocals slowly churning into a heavy blues harmony loaded with occult jammage. Featured as a bonus track on the digital release, Cry of the Wolf also featured early on this year as a single

As the album plays on the progression from the previous EP is obvious as the Southern California clan prove their agility in straddling a heavy bluesy groove with power metal riffs. The Great Electric Quest impressed the hell out of me standing alone in a scene saturated with either uber droney doom or trendy desert stoner rawk. They don't quite fit in with any cliché sounds and there's no gimmick, just straight up rock n roll full of energy and brimming with meaty grooves. Get in early on the pre-order Greens package on sale which includes the sick looking splatter wax, and one random chance at containing a Green ticket which wins you the chance to bring the band to your home town to play a private show at the location of your choosing.

-The Huntsman

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