Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza – In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Last round we hit you with some early favorites exclusively featured on bandcamp. As we all know, there are a multitude of music platforms to discover, download, purchase and stream new tunes with, but we here at base camp all agree, bandcamp is the best. Here are some more albums not to overlook.

Young Hunter – Young Hunter
Young Hunter is one of those bands that encapsulate an organic, tribal essence in their music. Formerly based in Tucson, AZ, the band specialized in heavy spiritualistic doom with an eerie stoner crunch and primitive riffs echoing into the southwestern moonlight. The latest project includes some new members and was recorded and based in their new home in the Pacific Northwest. Portland Oregon to be exact. Portland seems to be the modern equivalent to doom, stoner, and sludge as their neighbors in Seattle were to the grunge, alternative rock of the 90’s. Young Hunter notified fans early on in 2015 of their work on the new album via a Kickstarter campaign, which I backed, and after many moons, and a ton of hard work the band were finally able to present us with the brand new self-titled LP linked here. I got my record in the mail last night and all the backers were issued bandcamp download codes the day before the official release a week or so ago. Here’s what I said on bandcamp:

“While not completely abandoning the windswept spiritual psych rock of their Tucson time, Young Hunter have been reborn amidst the Pacific Northwest with a fresh lineup naturally morphing their sound in line with the geography. Adding a polished layer of harmony to it's deeply brooding character the band fuse heavy gothic riffs with ecstatic atmosphere and unfiltered Portland psychedelics. Absolutely brilliant! Favorite track: After Death.”

Strange Weather – Strange Weather
Next up we have a local band, whom I stumbled into at a show in town. A good friend of mine and local promoter and heavy metal enthusiast was talking to the bassist Todd when I walked in early to the Red Fang show last month. Introductions were made and while talking with Todd I had a sense that I needed to hear his band’s music. He handed me a CD and I exchanged a bunch of recommendations, including giving him tips on bandcamp. It was literally the next week he got their debut album posted up in camp. I instantly liked what I heard as I put the CD in my truck after leaving the Red Fang show that night. Strange Weather are a perfect example of how local often is superior to what people pay big money to go listen to just because the industry told them to. I highly recommend giving these dudes a listen. For fans ranging from blues rock, alternative grunge, stoner, Americana, etc… This album has a little bit of everything and does well at each and every angle.
“Strange Weather sound like a thunderstorm on a mid-western prairie with their diverse style of rock. Equal parts bluesy groove to catchy hooks with elements of modern stoner/psych and a whole lotta soul! The singer has a pleasant Glenn Hughes ring while the band mates orchestrate slow burning riffs and solos with a killer rhythm section. Favorite track: Shi Shi Dogs.”

100 Watt Vipers – Cold Sunday Blues
I raved about these guys after discovering their previous album back in 2014. The new one is more of the same. The same being a powerful and emotional take on heavy stoner blues rock. The band manages to effectively merge a southern blues rock and groovy desert psychedelia to create a polished, yet rugged album sure to please. These guys have the potential to be huge and have a cult following in the deep southeast. Take a listen for yourself.

“Take the southern attitude of Skynyrd, the heavy stoner fuzz of Stubb and inject into the funky rock n roll grooves of Clutch and you have the electrifying bluesy sound of 100 Watt Vipers!”

Sky Temple Blues – Sky Temple Blues EP
These guys mesmerized me on their previous EP which I believe I found via another band from their area, who posted a show or something with them. That band was Howling Giant. When I find a band I like I pay attention to what they like, as they typically tend to have a similar taste to what kind of music they play. Sky Temple Blues is a bit more on the psychedelic pop side of the spectrum than Howling Giant, but nonetheless, the riffs are euphoric and the vocals are angelic in nature with a heavy blues base harmonizing into a spacy jam laced groove through and through. I’ve played this probably more times than any other album front to back this month and for good reason. The closing track alone is unbelievable.

“Agile psychedelic stoner pop akin to the masters of classic 70's Rock jammed with arcane riffs mimicking a modern Woodstock in the spirit of Nashvillian Blues. A Walk in the Dark lights a fire so hot you'll be peddling laps into a tie-dyed western sunrise. Favorite track: A Walk in the Dark.”

BUS – The Unknown Secretary
Twin Earth Records recently signed a mammoth of a proto-doom band called BUS. I was sent a promo code for the album a few weeks before the release and was blown away. I knew a couple songs into the album on first listen that we had ourselves something special here. The album has only been available for a couple weeks and is already getting rave reviews in the heavy underground scene. I personally am hoping for a vinyl output and am pretty certain it is going to happen. This is one of those albums that is certainly worthy of spending $20 for a vinyl pressing to cherish for a lifetime.

“BUS flies us down the stoner highway fueled by doom tinged proto-metal and psych ridden Sabbath worship. The Unknown Secretary climbs the ladder to the top of Twin Earth Record's chain!”

Until next time kids keep the volume cranked loud, the turntables spinning and the bandcamp fire burning.

-The Huntsman


Randy Blood said...

Excellent selections Bucky. I have been listening to a couple of them for a good part of the day. Thanks for finding them!

buck09 said...

Hell ya Randy! Glad you're digging them. We've got many more to come. Hoping to keep this feature more active. Thanks for your support!

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