Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bandcamp Bonanza – 4/20 Edition

Well it’s not 4/20 by the time this publishes, but it’s within an acceptable time frame to put that as the title for this round of bonanza fodder at camp. We know those of you that partake in the 420 festivities will be partaking regardless of the date, so cheers and happy day to all of you. The gift that keeps on giving (bandcamp) has given us more awesome albums, literally on a daily basis. Check out these fantastic albums I rummaged up recently.

Fuddge- EP
Based out of Weinsburg, Germany we have this band named Fuddge. It was a challenge getting me to push play initially just based on the name being somewhat silly. They added an extra‘d’ to avoid copyright infringement of your grandma’s baked goods at Christmas. I made the corny analogy anyway in my short review on bandcamp. This self-titled EP absolutely blew my mind when I finally got around and gave it a good listen. Plenty of styles to keep a rock fan happy including bluesy riffs, stonerized vocal howls, and psychedelic grooves aplenty. This thing shows promise like I haven’t seen in a while.

Oozing with heavy blues and glistening with jaw dropping psych, Fuddge soothe the musical craving with a mind bending fuzz fest powdered with sensational atmospherics. Eat this shit up, it's all organic and loaded with lysergic groove. Favorite track: Lilith.

THAL - Glitter
THAL, short for The Heathens Are Loose are comprised of just one man believe it or not. I did not realize that upon purchase, nor until after nearly a dozen listens later reading an interview on the blog page Metal Nexus here talking with the mastermind Vince Green about the project. Anyhow, whether or not you read the cool interview you should make sure and find some time to listen to this album. It played on repeat for almost a full week upon discovery and still gives me that love and feeling like the first time the burning riffs and intoxicating vocals graced my speakers. Below my mini-review starts off with a line from one of the songs, just letting you know. I just couldn’t resist getting weird. The album is amazing in every sense of the word.

This is your homework Larry. The fucking Heathens Are Loose with a wildly melodic fuzz, pile driven with savage distortion and sensational groove. Favorite track: Whistleblowers.

Red Scalp - Rituals
Rituals summons a combination of heavy worth telling your friends about. Red Scalp rock hard, there is not much more to say than that. Great accessible vocals, gargantuan riffs with beefy hooks and doomy atmosphere keep you intrigued throughout each of its lengthy songs. Well done guys, well fucking done!!

Rituals is a healthy dose of Native American desert rock straight outa Poland! The vocals cry with dreamy reverb as the colossal riffs concoct a spiritual groove. The doom length songs are weighted with sludgy girth but balanced with a stamina fit for a heavy stoner rock connoisseur.

Red Sun Cult – Red Sun Cult
Red Sun Cult stole the show one day while venturing into the stoner/psych/blues territory of camp. This one definitely has more of a jammy psych factor to it tripping out with extended instrumental intros before absolutely exploding with searing vocals rasping like a punk rocker lost in the desert.

“The guitar solos glow like a starlit sky on acid, the fuzzy riffs warm like a garage lined with shag, and the latent punk energy lingers effortlessly taking on the form of the heavy blues dressed in tie-dye. The riffs are endless and the psych factor is immense.”

Don’t pass this one up; join the cult, the Red Sun Cult.

 -The Huntsman

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