Sunday, March 27, 2016

MaidaVale – Dirty War (Live At Studio Underjord)

When singer Matilda Roth entered the stage at the Wizard Of Fuzz festival back in October last year she was like a hurricane perfectly channeling the spirit of Janis Joplin and moving like Iggy Pop at the same time. I was not prepared at all. Her voice pierced through the screaming guitars handled by Sofia Ström and the thunder of the rhythm section fronted by bassist Linn Johannesson and Johanna Hanssons drums and hit me like lightning. MaidaVale is a true trip on stage.  It was one of the best live performances of 2015 in my book and I have been waiting for some news about a full length album. And now things are happening. May 13th sees the release of “Tales of the Wicked West” (The Sign Records) on cd and vinyl (which I pre-ordered immediately).

The press release states: 

“Tales of the Wicked West is MaidaVale’s debut album. The four-piece with influences ranging over decades have created a sound based in the late 60’s/early 70’s music scene. With a modern take on blues rock the band have captured many audiences with their heavy and psychedelic vibes. A rock solid rhythm section provides lots of space for the blues influenced guitar. Adding Matilda Roth’s powerful, charismatic vocals and the lyrical themes, political both on a personal level and world-devouring, makes Tales of the Wicked West an album that stands out from recordings made in this time and age.”

Until then we can enjoy “Dirty War” recorded live at Studio Underjord which is like a barrel of gun powder put on a cart an rolled onto the scene of retro rock. It’s funky and groovy like the year is 1968 but ends up in a crescendo that is as angry as any Rage Against The Machine song you ever heard. But with soul.  A strange but wonderful brew.  

-The Void

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