Friday, March 25, 2016

King Bison - King Bison

Straight outta Red Hill, PA, King Bison has been around since 2012. In that time, they have released one EP and one full-length album. The latter came out in April 2015, I believe, and was the very first release by the fledgling Delaware label, Snake Charmer Coalition. And it's this particular recording I want to talk about, if you have a minute or two.

Going for the riff with a shit-ton of attitude and balls, King Bison's self-titled long player, grips you by the balls from the word go. And it won't let off until the last song, 'Space Boogie' is over and your nutsack is crushed to a bloody pulp. In between, the band pummels the listener into submission with their heavy rock, influenced by Clutch, Mountain, ZZ Top and Black Sabbath, amongst others. Lead by founder singer/guitarist Chris Wojcik, King Bison has a natural-born frontman at the helm. Besides writing badass tunes, his guitar playing is on point, as is his raspy, throaty voice.

Hell bent for leather, or something akin to it, opener 'One For The Money' goes wide fucking open in a filthy awesome Clutch kind of way. Badass riffs, pounding rhythms, and gasoline-fueled vocals lead the way. 'March Of The Sasquatch' picks up where the former left off. In classic Clutch style, King Bison boogies, slithers and weaves through a maze full of beautiful grooves and riffs. Pedal to the metal, 'Queen Of The South' is the perfect car driving, beer chugging beast that you could ever wish for. Just roll the windows down, take the top down and just roll with it! Slightly slower and bluesier, 'Pariah' is amazing! The guitar sound Chris has found is out of this world. It rips through everything with such ease while Chris’ wonderful beast-voice bellows spite and bile. 'Night Ride' picks up the pace and is kind of Southern rock at first. But once the song explodes, it rocks the fuck out and then some. Another song which is perfect for a summer’s night drive flooring it and allowing yourself to be swept away. It’s back to slow power blues with ‘I’m Gone’ with the band telling it like it is….”I’m over you and I’m gone”. Chris pulls off a great solo in the earlier parts, as well as towards the end, which adds to the liberation of the lyrics. As mentioned earlier, ‘Space Boogie’ ends this amazing album and they go full tilt to leave us listeners wanting more. Kind of reminds me of Texan maestros Mothership which is not a bad thing at all.

‘King Bison’ is a great release that really deserves much more recognition. The guys aren’t reinventing the wheel but they play with such gusto, freedom and joy which alone sets them apart from so many other bands out there. Add their no bullshit attitude to the fray and voil√†, King Bison are miles ahead of the pack. So don’t be a fool and miss out on some badass, pure heavy rock’n’roll, because these Pennsylvanians will make your day so much better.


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