Sunday, February 21, 2016

Global Black Sabbath Convention In New York City

February 24
Slake Concert Hall
 251 West 30th St between 7th and 8th Avenues
New York City

Ahhhh.....Facebook.  For all it's drama, cat and plate photos and  “what's you spirit animal” quizzes, there are the rare occasions the social media Goliath brings people together in a positive way.

There is a group for fans of everything – and of course every band has it's die hard fans.  Having fantastic musical taste, I gravitated to the Global Black Sabbath Convention (  Members post video clips of their favorite songs from Sabbath and bands influenced by them, discuss song meanings in intricate detail, and enjoy the virtual company of other like minded individuals with fantastic musical taste.

A couple of times a year, the virtual convention becomes reality.  This year the real life convention is coming to New York City, just in time to coincide with Sabbath's tour stop. 

Be prepared for an evening devoted to the masters of the heavy metal genre. 

A pre-show discussion will also be held featuring “Who Invented Heavy Metal?” author Martin Popoff.  If the name doesn't sound familiar, he's usually VH1 classic's “go-to” guy in any heavy metal or hard rock documentary. To say he is extremely knowledgeable about the music would be an understatement!!!  I'm sure he will have some great insights and anecdotes to share. 

On the musical side of the event, the evening's activities include sets by two tribute bands and an acoustic solo guitar set. 

Into the Void perform note perfect renditions of Sabbath classics from the Ozzy era – including choice cuts off the album “13”, rarities, and songs hardly performed by the Sabs themselves.  I traveled in a blizzard to see these guys headline at Starland ballroom last year – and if I'm risking my life to see a band – you know they're good!!! 

Bible Black NYC are a relatively new band who perform classics from the Dio-era of the band.  Comprised of veterans of the Tri-state rock and metal scene, they are greatly anticipated!

Phil Jakes is a New England based finger-picking guitarist who puts a unique spin on Sabbath classics with his solo renditions. 

This is going to be a great night of fans getting together to celebrate the music they love, meet others and share a camaraderie, and hopefully make new friendships ..and who knows what else...February is the month of Valentines....

One of the many sponsors include Brooklyn Brewery!! If you want to meet me, I'll be by the bar....


Links to purchase tickets, the bands performing, and the event sponsors follow. 

Tickets available here:


Into The Void:

Bible Black NYC

Phil Jakes finger style acoustic Black Sabbath songs

Heavy Metal author Martin Popoff

GBSC have a world-wide network of fans. They also have produced two CDs of excellent quality:

Sponsors include:
Laney Amplification

Jaydee Guitars

Fable Label

La Bella Strings

Brooklyn Brewery

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