Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Stoner Doom Label, Riff Dealers, Comes Raging out of Belarus!

Eastern Europe label "Riff Dealers" was founded in Brest city (Belarus) in 2015 by people who are not indifferent to slow and heavy music. The work of label is based on D.I.Y idea. The target of label is to form and to develop stoner/doom scene on the territory of Belarus, to publish releases on a physical media, organization of concerts and etc. For today the main audience of label consists of russian-speaking people of Western Europe and Russia (Belarus, Ukraine etc.). Right now there are several band working with the label: "dOwnhill," "Hippie Doom Squad," "Stonegod," "DOG."

In the January they published the tape-split of Brest-based stoner metal band called "Hippie Doom Squad" and Minsk-based band called "dOwnhill". On the one side of the tape you can hear debut work of  band "dOwnhill", which plunges you to the farthest corner of your mind. On the other side - impregnated with sweat, cheap alcohol and tobacco, live record of Hippie Doom Squad.

Bands "dOwnhill" and "Hippie Doom Squad" are almost the only representatives of stoner/sludge/doom scene in Belarus. This split is a starting point to form such scene in the territory of Belarus.

You can listen to our release by this link -

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