Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Clouds Taste Satanic – Your Doom Has Come

The instrumental score for the Apocalypse just may have been found in Clouds Taste Satanic’s new album “Your Doom Has Come.”  Indeed the only thing missing from this New York instrumental band’s doomy soundtrack is the hoof beats of the Four Horsemen, but one could easily be forgiven for mistaking the rhythmic changes from slower chugging head-bobbers to faster toe-tapping sections as the sound of the approaching riders of the Book of Revelations. 

Album opener “Ten Kings” begins this end-of-the-world opus slowly and methodically, building to a fuzzy wall of sound not unlike other legends of the doom genre (the guitar geek in me suspects they are using Orange Amplifiers, but that’s just a hunch), while the bass and drums are crisp, clear, and right in sync.  This approach continues into “One Third Of The Sun” which rhythmically bears a strong resemblance to the intro/outro riff from Rage Against The Machine’s “Wake Up” before breaking into an ascending-descending chorus section with a lead melody weaving around the rhythm guitar, (I have to admit that without vocals it feels weird to call it a chorus), then transitioning to a midtempo outro.  Up next is “Beast From The Sea”, a midtempo grinder that feels like the Horsemen breaking their mounts into a steady trot.  Guitar solos are mostly eschewed here in place of simpler guitar melodies morphing into repetitive single note changes, akin to Dick Dale on quaaludes.  “Out Of The Abyss” is a surging number that begins with a slower intro that immediately breaks into an uptempo Paranoid-ish stomp, breaking back down into midtempo chorus sections then leading into a short galloping section fading into an ominous bass-guitar and drum breakdown with echoing guitar feedback that builds back from a slower riff back to the midtempo main riff.  “Dark Army” begins with as leaden a slow dirge as any doomster could ask for, building in between verses to double-time head-bobber choruses to an almost evilly triumphant sounding bridge before the dirge fades to black.  “Sudden…Fallen” brings “Your Doom Has Come” to its steady conclusion with the slow fervor that builds and builds then suddenly gallops straight at you with a midtempo grinding bridge, then drops your fallen musical soul off the edge, fading into eternity.  So, in essence, you should be getting the point that there’s lots of time changes, without all of that messy singing, screaming or grunting getting in the way.  “Your Doom Has Come” is simply, a heavy good (or should I say evil?...) time.

So if you’re ever in need of a judgment day accompaniment, or just some good old-fashioned doom metal without all those vocals mucking up the works while you’re doing your evil housecleaning, studying for evil medical school, or just pounding some evil beers with your evil pals, check out Clouds Taste Satanic.


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dan said...

Just an absolute killer find, this really is excellent stuff. I'm a total sucker for instrumental and they do it brilliantly. A shouty ego at the front would only detract from the colossal riffage.
A proper head nodder, the mark of quality for me.

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