Saturday, January 16, 2016

Beesus Release Debut Album "The Rise Of Beesus"

BEESUS was formed in 2010 in Roma by five young men whose minds were filled with dreams, psychotropic substances and sonic material like The Jesus Lizard, The Doors, Alice In Chains, Electric Wizard... More than just being a group of friends playing music, they had musical ideas, words to declaim, visions to share. Quickly turning into a four-piece, they released their first demo in 2011, played a few gigs along with heavy psych acts such as Myroors, Mars Red Sky, 1000Mods, Morkobot, then eventually went into a hiatus until the year 2015. 
Their debut album entitled "The Rise Of Beesus" was recorded live and encapsulates within nine songs what this one of a kind outfit is all about: bringing the noisy crunchy flavor of the 90's up to date, while coating it with in thick hazy thundercloud of smoked-out riffs.


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