Monday, January 25, 2016

A Ripple Conversation with Teepee Creeper

*The Name Teepee Creeper:

Jon- The name Teepee Creeper among certain tribes can mean different things and I'd like to assure people that its not of the derogatory nature.

I was in Arlee Montana for a 4th of July Pow Wow with my mother and her best friend.( My mother was full blooded Native from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes).
I was talking to her friend about people cheating on each other and she said that was "Tipi Creeping",  "when you go creeping into another man's tipi looking to sleep with his woman", or vice versa. Which I found pretty funny!

A couple years later I was talking to a friend about band names and Teepee Creeper came up,  we all decided it was a good name for a band or a strain of weed.

Teepee Creeper was formed in Port Angeles Wa  which lies at the bottom of the Olympic Mountains and Hurricane Ridge, it was basically a logging community not unlike Aberdeen. It is a beautiful area surrounded by rain forests and access to surfing, kayaking, fishing, snowboarding etc...
It can be a boring and sometimes dismal town with not much to do if its crappy out,.which is where playing music can help save a person from a depressive state of mind and give them a creative outlet during the rainy days. The mountain backdrop invokes heaviness which I feel we pull from and put into the riff.

*Musical epiphany:

Jon- I was around 13 and met this punk kid on the school bus home, I had just started skateboarding and built this crappy ramp in my yard. He came over and I had on a Winger tape, he said it was garbage and pulled out Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking and the Butthole Surfers Rembrandt Pussyhorse. I laid in my bed that night and never looked back. He then loaned me a Thrasher and a Maximum Rock n' Roll. We became best friends and were like brothers until his passing in 2010, He did and still does inspire me to play loud and heavy. I later fell in love with Tad, Melvins, Nirvana, Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr. And hundreds of others....

*Inspiration, new ideas motivation:

Jon- Personally my biggest source of inspiration comes from my piers and favorite albums.  I'd say over the years Tony Reed has been very inspiring watching him perform and listening to his many projects specifically Mos Generator. We are lucky in Teepee Creeper to have him as a friend and colleague.

 I'd also say along with Mos Generator. Red fang, Torche and Disenchanter are who's continually writing great songs, all of there abilities to write heavy riffs while still keeping a catchy hook is what keeps drawing me in. Cody Foster Army is also very inspiring for their live energy. Right now I have Infinite Flux on heavy rotation,.I can keep going but I want to keep it short. There's just to many to name.

Ian- My main inspiration for a long time would have to be Maynard James Keenan. His stage presence his progression to try things new things, lyrical and content wise. I am never disappointed. and of course Tony Reed and his musical mastery.

Jeremy- Inspiration?  Tony Reed of the Mos Generator, I listen to Tony's music more then any other. Treepeople, 1230 Dreamtime, Lict and Mos Generator he is an amazing musician and I've enjoyed his music for 2 decades. It kicks my ass because its constantly evolving and gets better with age, I'm not trying to be all Tony-Tony Tony, but its the truth.

*1st song ever written:

Jeremy- The 1st song I wrote and completed was in 1990 called "how long will it last" I wrote it for my dying grandmother at her bedside with the acoustic guitar she bought me.
Jon- I wrote a song called "on the bus" I recorded it on my answering machine while holding the record button with my toe.

*On Playing Live:

Jon- I just want to be loud and move the room in unison while losing myself in the music. I write music to escape from the daily grind and hope those who attend will do the same.

Ian- When i play live I put my heart and soul into every strike trying to hit harder, my main goal is to put as much feeling and emphasis into what I am doing that the crowd will feed off this energy and in return I feed off  them.

Jeremy-I get an undescribable high from playing music and hope to convey the passion and power of music.

*Spinal Tap moments:

They are yet to come!


Jeremy- I once dated a girl with a Pentagram carved into her breasts. That's my witchcraft.

Jon-I dated a few girls who thought they were witches and could cast spells, They couldn't. I also dated a few girls who didn't know they were witches. I like the band Witchcraft!

Ian- No comment

*Favorite format:

Ian- Digital (he's always on the go)

*Drink of choice:


*We as Teepee Creeper would like to keep moving forward while not sacrificing the heaviness of the Riff. Ultimately we'd like to play some festivals and make it overseas before this whole planet burns into oblivion. Even then we'd like to play the spaceship's bar that will  take us home.

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