Sunday, December 6, 2015

Witchcraft – The Outcast Single

Back in 2005 I ended up more or less by accident in a club that provided cheap beer and long haired people on a late Saturday night. Little did I know that I was about to witness one of the best gigs of my life that night. In a corner that served as a poor excuse for a stage three guys with bell bottoms and long hair were tuning their instruments. And as they were doing that and checking the tunings a small jam started to happen. That jam ended up being the start of the actual gig. I was not at all prepared for what was about to happen. I can only describe it as pure rock’n’roll magic. 

The band that played that night was Witchcraft and they had just released their self-titled debut album. Now ten years later Witchcraft has gone from an obscure underground phenomenon that played 70’s rock that no one gave a shit about back then to one of the most respected acts of the scene. They are generally considered as pioneers and forerunners of the whole stoner/retro rock scene these days. 

So when the new album “Nucleus” (Nuclear Blast) was announced a while ago fans of the riff got more than excited to say the least. And now a taste of what is about to happen is released in the form of the single “The Outcast”. And there is no reason to calm down if you are into this kind of rock. Because Witchcraft possesses the same magic as they did back in 2005 although they have developed immensely since then as musicians. Mastermind and founder Magnus Pelander has moved forward on every release by the band and this release is the natural evolution of Witchcraft since the last album “Legend” back in 2012. It starts out with a steadfast groove and loud guitars. But then the song shifts into a more mellow part where Pelanders vocals about how the economy is destroying us and dreams about a new society gets the center stage. Its powerful and harsh stuff. And I love it. Witchcraft never ceases to surprise. 

“Nucleus” is out 16 January 2016

- The Void

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