Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sonic Medusa – The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes

I got into metal in the early 1980's and I guess I belong to the last lucky generation that had the opportunity to experience rock music as it was meant to be. You know what I mean. Superhuman drummers, guitar heroes and out of this world vocalists. I grew up when Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and the greatest of them all Ronnie James Dio were at their peaks. And I have been a sucker for these kind of voices ever since then.

And now in the year of 2015 we have Sonic Medusa. They have been described as a supergroup with members of Goatsnake, The Obsessed, Hollywood Rose and Angus Khan. And when I first encountered Sonic Medusa I immediately recognized the DNA from my former heroes which got me all excited. The riffs are mighty and the vocals are truly astonishing. What's not to like?

This four track EP was recorded in the legendary Sunset Studio in Hollywood and one could imagine that the spirits from former clients of this classic joint were watching over Sonic Medusa as they ripped into the songs that makes this album. And yes they really rip into the first track “Cold Wind” with it's twin guitar attack and catchy hooks. And speaking of Dio one can not think about the masters work with holy Iommi when the sabbathian worship of “Wolf's Prayer” and “Goblin Suite” takes you on a journey into the riff filled land through heaven and hell and in the shadow of the sign of the southern cross. And singer Dirty D sings like he is possessed by the old gods of metal.

The final track “Medusa” is a full frontal metal assault with guitars fast as quicksilver and much needed cleansing of the soul after the total heaviness of the previous two tracks. The EP lasts for 25 minutes and it's very frustrating that it ends so fast. Sonic Medusa leaves me with a feeling of euphoria and a smile on my face. There are defenders of the faith out there and they deserve our respect.

- The Void

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