Thursday, December 17, 2015

Infinite Flux – Self Titled

When you have reached my ripe old age, you start to wonder if there is really anything that is going to surprise you. I like to read, but I wonder if there will really be any more stories that take me by surprise. I like movies, but again, I wonder if there will be that one killer movie that makes me want to watch over and over. Sometimes I think the same way about music, too, but with that one, I should know better. There is always a band out there that will bring something new to the table and make you feel alive. The trick sometimes is in finding them.

With Infinite Flux, I just showed up at their CD release show. I was actually there to see another band, but does that really matter in the long run? They played a fantastic set and I was very pleased that I could buy the CD and enjoy their music as much as I wanted to. I have listened to it daily since the show. And since they are a local band, I’ll get to see them again. A person just should not have this much winning in their life, but I’ll take it.

You want to know what they sound like? They do the heavy rock thing, a little sludgy, a little on the stoner side. I should emphasize the heavy part. As in, heavy like a woolly mammoth stomping through an ice field. They write these incredible riffs that are an ancient form of heaviness, that just connect with the listener as though they have always been out there, and we’ve been hearing them, but we were waiting for a band to put them all together like this. Their music sends out tendrils that sink into the primeval, primordial part of the brain, and you just lock into it, and you just get it. Music that you can close your eyes and bob your head to, music that feels like it means something.

My favorite tracks are “Solar Sacrifice” and “Ashes”, but they are all good. And when I say that they seem like they have been around forever, I don’t at all mean to say that this band is derivative or that they steal their riffs from others. They just connect so instantaneously that you feel like you’ve been listening to them forever. If you love you some stoner rock, track this thing down. During the show they said that the CDs would not be available until after the first of the year (2016), but seek this one out. It is more than worth any effort you have to put into acquiring it.


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