Thursday, November 26, 2015

Burn Thee Insects – Droid Intelligence

Do we have any Alice in Chains fans riding the Ripple pipeline? Of course we do, and today we have a treat for you with the latest offering by Burn Thee Insects who are signed by our friends over at Twin Earth Records. Imagine AIC with the distortion dial turned up to fuzzalicious maximus level.

'Hydroponics' kicks the ride off with a bass line as fuzzy as a swarm of bumblebees buzzing a Truckfighters set. Staley swoons swoop in and join the attack inducing paranoia like indoor ganja hung out to dry. What follows is a plume of raucous riffs and grooves billowing like burning insects on a sizzling hot hibachi. Burn Thee Insects right?

Irresistibly dark and spacey harmony clouds the path on an intergalactic desert voyage. Moments of face melting dirge slather the atmosphere as the demented droid-rage vocal howls grace the starship speakers on their way to Twin Earth. Poppy licks smothered with Drop-B tuning and drooling with head bobbing rhythm, circle like hippies in a gluten pit. The album has a good mixture of hot and heavy hitters to low and slow burners. Elements of 90’s grunge permeate with an avant-garde experimental state while maintaining an easily accessible groove with acoustics included at no extra charge. QOTSA-esque quirks abound as the 3-piece takes what their EP proved to the next level of weird. Produced/Recorded (as a 2-piece) by the up and coming talent named Chris Hughes out of Berkley, CA, the value will pique the production snobs ears into disbelief. The space factor is high, the fuzz runs deep, the effects are staggering and the overall impression is lasting throughout each and every song. Droid Intelligence will have you begging for breath as the weight of the tripped out fuzz buries your brain with venomous riffs and eccentric groove. Don't say we didn't warn you. Twin Earth Records has reared its ugly orbit with yet another addition to its doom laden roster.

1.       Hydroponics

2.       Concrete Pillow (Pretty Comfortable)

3.       A Dinner With Fontaine

4.       Distorted Seclusion

5.       Through the Fog

6.       Slow Cookin’

7.       An Insignificant Planet of Yellow

8.       A Perscription To Burn

9.       A Swarm of Bees

-The Huntsman

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