Saturday, November 7, 2015

Brisbane To Host Inaugural Rock & Roll Writers Festival In 2016

The worlds of rock & roll and writing have always been intrinsically linked to the other. But have the two ever being married as a literary festival?

A couple of industry veterans oozing noodles of experience (Leanne de Souza – who has previously managed Thelma Plum & The Medics and is a foundation board member of QMusic; and Joe Woolley – who manages We All Want To, Screamfeeder and Grand Atlantic) will organise the Rock & Roll Writers Festival in 2016, a festival they believe is the first of its kind in Australia.

The festival will surprise, entertain, enlighten and challenge – through discussions and interviews – with some of Australia’s finest authors, songwriters, lyricists and commentators.

We love bands that incorporate literary concepts and references into their songs, as much as we love books that include references to music to enhance the experience for the reader. We are fans of great writing and great songs. Words and music that make you cry, laugh, gasp, shout and above anything else feel.

The idea is to curate a unique, weekend-long event that initiates discussion of how music and literature influence each other, by bringing together leading authors, musicians and artists in a program of interviews, presentations, talks and panel discussions.

Naturally we’re hosting the event at a music venue (The Brightside), which will offer great food and refreshments as well as the opportunity to purchase both the books and music of our presenters and speakers.

The Rock & Roll Writers Festival takes place 2-3 April, 2016. Tickets will be extremely limited and will go on sale in December. If you want to get involved, visit their website.

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