Monday, October 19, 2015

Ponamera Sundown - Veddesta

Long anticipated new album from Swedish stoners Ponamero Sundown recently hit the streets of Veddesta and fans all around the world are frothing at the mouth over the enormous buzz. Nearly 4 years in the making, after touring extensively across their neighboring Euro landscape, Veddesta takes off right where Rodeo Electrica left off. I'll go ahead and attempt to put the sounds into words for you as I listen for the nth time this week.

Layers upon layers of fuzzorama swirl in unison as the sweet Swedish cheeba-like melodies billow like a vintage Triumph burning rubber on a poker run. The ferocious guitar riffs and trembling bass battle like monster trucks fighting dust devils on the desert playa. The euphoric groove solicits stoney-eyed stares and an infectious case of head bob-orama. Off the charts catchiness rings steadily like unplugged ears at a heavy metal concert.  The echoed cadence sterilizes the senses with a tribal essence as Mondo riffs burst with energy while slow stints of psychedelia soothe the spine with tingling pleasure.

Veddesta is one of those albums that emerges with a climax at song one and never lets up. Like one big musical orgy drenching the listener in rhythmic ecstasy. Not only is the rhythm in tune with the driving pace of the ripping guitar riffs, but the vocals brim with a polished sheen like an outlaw's spurs glisten at a gunfight in the old west.

I knew 1 minute into Veddesta that I was in for a treat much like the reaction I got with last years Universe by Truckfighters. Towering fuzz, radiating solos and addictively stellar production mark Ponamero Sundown near the equator of the best of the year music map. Vinyl coming out in December so pre-load your wallets; this one will be mandatory. Get it now digitally below on the old Bandcamp.

-The Huntsman

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