Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Doomcharts - 2015

The idea started a couple years ago when one Paranoid Hitstophrenic dude from Canada started blogging about the phenomenon known as doom metal. Not just any old doom was professed; it was deep, dark, psychedelic, and demented doom that the world was for the most part blind to, and overall just awesome music that a host of readers and music fans grasped hold of and shared a similar love and taste for. The Blog caught on, the charts started gaining a small devoted underground crowd and  the creator found himself short on time and called for help from us. Since then the Doom Charts have evolved into the underground community’s gift to not only the fans and readers of heavy music blogs and websites, but to the bands themselves who are now fighting their way to get to the top of the monthly charts.

Much like the top 40 billboards…or not, the lists represent some of the finest bloggers, radio and podcasters and album reviewers from the doom-stoner underground around the globe. Each month, the critics, including The Ripple Effect, submit their picks for the best new doom-sludge metal and stoner-psychedelic rock albums for that given month.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the charts. The Doom Charts are a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world. Such a wonder should not go unnoticed and for those of you waveriders that are unfamiliar with the charts, which have been in operation for the better part of 2015, dive right in, subscribe, and get in on the action that lies in the underground world of doom, stoner, sludge and psych.

Take a look at the October charts linked below, which just hit the streets recently on October 7th, 2015. While you’re at it graze through the year’s lists, as each month there are many new arrivals and the contributors tend to change it up to what they are currently jamming during that particular month. Each month a different blogger/reviewer takes the reigns to compile and tally the scores which enable more of an organic progression and sense of community. Also shown below are the Ripple Effect’s unique picks (Mine) which, after hosting the Doom Chart blog it was realized that the top 25 only represent a fraction of the albums submitted each month. In fact, the month I hosted the tally, there were something like 280+ unique album submissions which were tallied into the top 25 based on ranking and number of total votes. It’s a pretty good system and whether you like the end result or not, it has something to say as it's coming from some of the highest respected critics in the heavy underground. This month a few of my pics made the list, but overall, there was really not a surprise at who landed at number 1.

The Ripple Effects Pics (The Huntsman):
1              Baron - Torper
2              Disenchanter - Strange Creations
3              Saviours - Palace of Vision
4              Chron Goblin - Backwater
5              Indian Handcrafts - Creeps
6              Hyne - MMXV
8              Carousel - 2113
9              Golden Void - Berkana
10           Sundog - Fever Lane EP
11           Snail - Terminus
12           The Parlor Mob - Cry Wolf
13           Deville - Make It Belong To Us
14           Spillage - Spillage
15           Freedom Hawk - Into Your Mind
16           Irata - Sweet Loris
17           Graveyard - Innocence & Decadence
18           The Sonic Dawn - Perception
19           The Heavy Eyes - He Dreams of Lions
20           Army of Dagon - Army of Dagon
21           Gareeda - Leatherhead
23           We Hunt Buffalo - Living Ghosts
25           Wildlights - Wildlights

Please let us know what you think and check into the charts regularly as the music is for real. Also it cannot go without mention that our good friend Billy Goate over at the Doomed and Stoned blog transcribes each months charts into an audible podcast and Mixcloud where he breaks down a song off of each album counting down to a finale, narrated by Billy Goate himself. Big props to Mr. Goate for his continued efforts in spreading the word on heavy music and cheers to all the contributors and readers who participate, read, listen and support the heavy underground scene.

-The Huntsman

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