Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza – 3rd Quarter Hits

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s the “busy season” at work and time to dedicate to spreading the gospel of the best music you’re not listening to has become a little slim. I apologize. This is not meant as an excuse more an admittance that I haven’t been too motivated to write about any bands. More so, the energy has been lacking and reviewing hasn’t sounded very fun by the end of a long stressful day. I’ve still been listening avidly because that is the best part of this whole gig and what better way to wind down after a day at the grind, or warm up first thing in the morning while you’re packing kids lunches and taking names? Anyhow, there have been several highlights in camp since my last posting back in the heat of the summer. Figured I’d cut the quantity down and turn the quality up. These are all standout albums you need to give a listen.

Disenchanter – Strange Creations
I can remember my first exposure to the Portland 3-piece heavy stonerized doom band Disenchanter back when I was helping out over at the Grip of Delusion Radio blog at the time. I received the promo, pushed play and fell into a deep trance by the mesmerizing vocal chants of front woman Sabine Stangenberg, whom also doubles as lead guitarist with her mate Joey Demartini (bass) and Jay Erbe (drums). Read the review here if you desire and see why I did not hesitate to show my support upon finding out about the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to record and unleash their newest CD “Strange Creations” unto the world. From the first listen through the sixth or eighth, I’ve lost count, I was hooked and knew the world was given something special. The album opens with an enticing drum pattern oozing with a fuzzed out bassline that partners up to a downtuned distortion-laced riff and topped off with the heroic pulse of Sabine’s wail.  Title track, “Strange Creations”, 1st of 2 songs over the 10-minute mark, brings a bluesy stoner swagger to the slow baked doomy groove, and like the entire album, speaks of mystical beings, enchanting lore, all wrapped up with seductively angelic riffs and rumbles. “Sorceries” scours the airwaves with an absolutely throttling intro scalping the brain like Conan the Barbarian’s sword smashes granite boulders. The psychedelic soloing scratches the itch you just can’t quite reach, deep beyond your conscience state of being. The final cut “Snakes of the Earth” showcases the raw diversity of the band and brings the album to a proper close. Swirling with thrashy shards of metal, heavy shades of doom, and blazing clouds of stoned out groove, “Strange Creations” erupts unto the land with lethal riffage, celestial vocal chords, and an enthralling atmosphere. Don’t be scared, we are all strangely created, yet roam the land with a similar purpose. Purpose in this case, to pick up the new album by Disenchanter.

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel – Deambulation
Although only 2 songs in length LDDSM have proven they got what it takes to sustain greatness in the world of hard and heavy rock n roll. The latest effort sees LDDSM team up with hometown (Strasbourg, France) country/blues master Thomas Shoeffler Jr. to concoct what very well could be the coolest two song set I’ve heard all year. The captivating riffs and throbbing drums set the stage for the quivering vocal performance of dueling vox of bluesman Thomas Shoeffler Jr. and hard rocker Francky Maverick. It’s a spooky match made in both heaven and hell. The countrified honky tint of Shoeffler’s haunting touch adds an element of wonder unmatched in today’s saturated stoner market. I would like to hear much more of this stuff and for all you LDDSM fans out there I got wind of some big news here in Ripple camp that will shred your stoner rawk pipeline. I went straight for that 10” vinyl offering and I don’t even like 10”ers that much.

Here is what I said on the bandcamp profile:
The moment I realized this was available I did not hesitate to make the purchase. LDDSM is rated among my top 5-10 stoner metal albums of all time. These two songs alter slightly from their masterpiece "Arcane" and have added a touch of folkness (harmonica/acoustic) that only add to their aggressive take on heavy rock and roll. Completely blowing my mind. I want MORE, MORE, MORE!!!”

Witchskull – The Vast Electric Dark
The Vast Electric Dark comes at us hot of the witch’s headdress and shocks the bandcamp world with it vicious twist on classic stoner and heavy metal. Wailing guitar solos shred the stage tripled with deafening bass and commanding rhythm. Sounding somewhat like a metallically tinged Kyuss slinging 80’s proto riffs with a modern stoner groove, Witchskull are here to make a statement. The Vast Electric Dark pummels the airwaves with a refreshing take on classic doom meets thrashed out stoner rock. Loaded with a commanding rhythm, scorching hooks and muscular chops the riffs annihilate the mind with an onslaught of filthy rotten doom rock. For fans of metal, rock, doom, and stoner, Witchskull have already made a name for themselves here in the underground since the release of their demo tracks earlier this year. Go now, the Sabbath worship is calling your name through The Vast Electric Dark.

That’s all for this rendition of the bonanza. Switched it up to mini reviews instead of micro-blurbs and cut the field down to the very best of the last month on bandcamp. Don’t worry, there were plenty more great albums, and many still to come before the year end. Keep tuned in to stay on your game on who’s who in the world of current unpopular music.

 -The Huntsman

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