Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Announcing Positive Charge Skateboards!!

Positive Charge Skateboards takes flight with the release of two limited edition models for legendary skaters Tas Pappas (the award winning Vice documentary All This Mayhem is currently streaming on Netflix) and Fabian Alomar (member of the team of teams; Menace). Only 100 of each model will be pressed, there are currently 50 of each in stock.

The startup was created in response to the dominance of big corporate sponsorship money in skateboarding, as well as the continuing offshoring of jobs in the industry to China and Latin America.  

The founders wanted a company which put people over profits built on a business model that would ensure, not only the long term success of Positive Charge, but that such success would make a direct, positive impact on the lives of people.  As of right now there are approximately 24 families directly affected by the production of these boards, and the company's goal is to involve hundreds, if not thousands.  In time, they want to build much, much more than just skateboards.

All boards are made right here in the U.S., the graphics are screened, they are not heat transfers made in China...it's all about quality of craftsmanship.

The artwork for the Fabian Alomar board was done by award winning U.K. illustrator Johnny Stingray (whose work has appeared in many books, including the legendary Jim Phillips' "Surf Graphics"). The style represents Fabian's life and background in the mean streets of L.A., it is both a mix of his Latin heritage and American, from the screaming Bald Eagle to the voluptuous curves of "La Malinche", this says pure street for an O.G. with a lot of street cred.

Tas' graphics were drawn by Adam Burke, an accomplished musician and artist out of Portland Oregon.  For anyone who has seen the documentary "All This Mayhem", then neither the meaning of "Barnes & Elias" in this graphic nor what it means to Tas personally should come as a surprise.  From the darkness of the jungle and beneath the gleaming stars of the southern cross emerges Barnes ready to face life with grim determination.

Have a look at Positive Charge's promo, their shop is open for business plus they are giving away a Tas Pappas board, see their website or Facebook page for details!


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