Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ADRENECHROME New Single 'God Sized Shadow', Reveal New Album & Artwork 'Tales From Adrenechrome'

L-R - Matt Copeland - Drums | Tim Kehoe - Guitar | Mike Van Dyk - Bass | Chris Friesen - Guitar /Vocals  (photo credit Dave Saunders)
 If Mastodon and Baroness gave birth to a bastard child, that child's name would be Canada's ADRENECHROME. Hailing from Orillia, ON this quartet offer a blend of groovy progressive thrashy heavy metal that's ready to smash your headbanging into overdrive. Three years since releasing their 2012 debut 'Hideous Appetites', these mosh thirsty bangers are ready to release their sophomore follow up 'Tales From Adrenechrome' on November 27th. With its epic album artwork by graphic artist Clöwnbäbÿ, 'Tales From Adrenechrome' features seven hot pocket tracks exposing you to the horrors of their metal crypt. Leading up to its release the bands first single 'God Sized Shadow' is now streaming and available on bandcamp at the following link: https://adrenechrome.bandcamp.com/track/god-sized-shadow-2 

"I think this is our most "song" like offering to date with a little black metal in the middle" comments vocalist / guitarist Chris Friesen. 
Track Listing:
1. A Familiar Face (2:59)
2. Lockstep (5:17)
3. Black Brubeck (4:05)
4. God Sized Shadow (4:01)
5. The Heart and The Feather (5:21)
6. Hideous Appetites (3:36)
7. The Led Elephant (5:36)
Album Length: 30:57

Ontario’s Adrenechrome are hurtling forward like zombies with a hunger for flesh looking to create good old-fashioned rock n’ roll infused with groove and peppered with metal. The group features Chris Friesen dominating on guitar and lead vocals, Tim Kehoe who shreds guitar and haunting vocal work, Matt Copeland thrashing the drums, and Mike Van Dyk creating groovy basslines. Their name inspires a frantic, adrenaline fueled misadventure and is a direct reference to a fictional drug in the film “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”.  
These heavy metal monsters started in 2010 and rode like the four horsemen to devour every audience they could around Canada. Their songwriting swings like an unhinged pendulum between rapid, brief works to heavy, ten-tonne brick tunes. Members are veterans of the music scene, coming from various acts like Gaswitch, Shimmy Rabbits, and The Doug Trucker Band. Live, the band is tight and strictly a “no frills”affair -- this means no make up or gimmicks, just straight-forward, kick-ass metal.

The band has upcoming album 'Tales From Adrenechrome' is due out on November 27, 2015 to follow up their 2012 debut 'Hideous Appetites' and is their most abstract, spastic, and explosive release to date. This album is established on heavy riffs,  roaring drums, smooth bass lines, and wrapped up with lyrical themes that combine personal experience with fantasy, sci fi, and classic literature. This album is reserved for only those who can handle the high velocity heavy metal adventure that is Adrenechrome!

For more info, please visit www.Adrenechrome.com.

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