Monday, August 3, 2015

Bucky’s Bandcamp Bonanza – Summertime Booze

Being camped out regularly in the lush meadows of bandcamp, there comes times, where the fields become a bit dry, and the forage rather fickle. Perhaps this time of year is the busy season in real life and not as much time is dedicated to surfing the musical forests of bandcamp. With that said, the booze flows freely like mountain spring runoff and there is still so damn many cool albums hiding within the cyber canyons. Here are a few recent findings worthy of your time and sure to quench your thirst. Bottoms up! Have a round on me.

Skunk – Heavy Rock from Elder Times
SKUNK showers you with a filthy, yet satisfying scent of heavy retro-rock with a proto-metal aftertaste. Like the others have mentioned AC/DC inspired vocal chops but with an added layer of skunky groove and bluesy riffs. You actually want to get sprayed with this intoxicating fuzz.

Shayk – Volume 1
Man, this is so damn good. Perfect blend of heavy hitting rock n roll with bluesy riffs and stoner groove. Imagine a battle of the bands between Fu Manchu and Clutch. The encore could be Shayk! As smooth as a baby's dads beard!

Big Mean – Big Mean
With strong southern rawk riffs and mean, but smooth vocals, Big Mean sound like they came right off the Small Stone Records shelf. Who knows, with more material and a chance they very well could be someday. This is great. For fans of Sasquatch, Clutch, Spiralarms.

Mountainwolf – The Silk Road
Absolutely paralyzing riffs! Slow enough for fans of uber-doom and loaded with mind bending groove and melodically grungy croons sure to please the more rock and roll oriented. Has a very Lo Pan'y sound but injected with enough hallucinogenics to send you spiraling on a trip to outer space on a rusted chard of heavy metal.

Hound – Kong
Filthy, rotten Riffage! The kind of filthy rotten you bring home to momma, if momma was a filthy rotten hound. Bark at the moon baby!!

WOLFTONE – Bring Down the Sun
Mind blower alert! I repeat, the infectious, fuzzy blues infused with a post-punk undertone will blow your mind!

MANcub –Hangman
Scorchingly distorted groove, impeccable melody, and balls to the wall attitude, MANcub deliver the RAWK!! For fans of beer, metal, smoke and loud melodic guitars.

Check out the latest installment of the Bonanza feature, which I promise I will try and update more frequently. These are all albums sure to extend your boozing experience in the sun this summer. Make sure you don’t drink and drive, but by all means I encourage you to listen to these great albums and drive. See you surfing around camp fellow waveriders.

 -The Huntsman

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