Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reverie Set Release Date For Invictus Debut

Much like they'e done with Malthusian, ZOM, and Antiversum among others, Invictus Productions is proud to present the debut album of a new band who'll soon be spoken of far and wide: Denmark's Reverie and their Bliss debut, set for international release on July 17th. The band's odd choice of the moniker Reverie speaks volumes about their singular, idiosyncratic songcraft, and the title Bliss even more so. Far from "tech" death metal and yet also realms removed from "epic metal" cliche, the nine songs across Bliss burst into being and then billow into myriad, mesmerizing shapes. The rush in which Reverie play is exciting, urgent, fiery beyond compare; not yet age 20, each member's abundant energy shines through. But despite their collectively young years, Reverie have already absorbed an ageless wisdom in their songwriting, layering nuance upon nuance, detail upon detail, whilst ever mindful of a sharp, scintillating hook. It's a sound that stacks up well alongside other young mavericks like Morbus Chron and especially Tribulation, for whom Invictus released the transitional landmark The Formulas of Death, but Reverie well and truly have nailed down their own sound with Bliss. The bandwagon begins now, and Bliss is the first ride into the unknown... Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Reverie's Bliss
1. Dust And Dirt
2. Fall Apart
3. Bliss
4. Blood In The Sea
5. Gennem Dine Ar
6. First Reverie
7. Circles
8. From Sea To Shore
9. Blind At Heart

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