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Hoosier Two-fer - Tim Jones‘ ‘Sure Got Late Real Early‘ & David Corley’s ‘Available Light’

It has been said that I have a hard-on for being a Hoosier.  Well,  then in true Hoosier fashion, you can just deal with it because I feel like being slightly more Hoosier-centric today.  Look, we need all the help we can get!  We have a a Governor who passes really fucking stupid laws and if you want to be a musician here...forget it.  You are much better off tying your steel toes on tight and bringing in a paycheck from a ‘respectable’ job if you eschew an ‘education’ with the intent of giving your artistic ambitions more than an ice cube’s chance in hell here in the Crossroads of America.  It’s no shocker that the Hoosier’s discussed herein both packed it in and now hail from Nashville these days.  So what if The Coug and Michael Jackson are from here?  It’s a working man’s state and we don’t seem to think of music as work around here.  My hat is off to those who buck the trend. Pay attention, get hip, here we go...

First off we have Tim Jones and his recently released solo record, Sure Got Late Real Early, to talk about.  Tim is an Indianapolis native.  Being as that there aren’t really all that many rock musicians making a living at it from Indiana, I had to check out his music after coming across an interview he did with Otis Gibbs (also a Hoosier musician...who left for Nashville...and is sorely missed in the Circle City) on his podcast, Thanks For Giving Damn.  Let me digress for just a moment; if you are a musician, especially a songwriter, TFGAD is an education as much as it is entertaining; HIGHLY recommended.  Anyway, counterpoint to my previous paragraph’s rant, Tim is a rare case.  He actually got an education AND pursued his musical endeavors via Indiana University and Bloomington, Indiana’s underrated and tragically hip music scene while playing in his band at the time, Old Pike, who got signed while he was there hitting the books.  Landing in L.A., Tim immersed himself in the singer/songwriter scene there where he and some other talented cats assembled his current band, Truth & Salvage Co.  I believe that is how the story goes.  I’m sure I’ll be corrected if not.  Check them out, naturally.  They are rather good.  In recent times, Truth and Salvage Co. have relocated to Nashville, but you probably caught on to that, and it seems to be going swell for them.  

Ok, so, Sure Got Late Real Early is Tim’s solo record and was released in April on Oakwilde Records.  According to the press release, he recorded it in Los Angeles between 2007 and 2008 with songs that were written before Truth and Salvage Co. got together.  According to Jones, the record’s release was delayed because it had the potential to compete with Truth & Salvages Co.’s release.  The records share some songs, including the track “Heart Like A Wheel”, of which pop diva Katy Perry has a writing credit on (Yes, Katy Perry.  Ponder that for a second.....songwriter...professional...get it?  Ok.). Turns out, the label wasn’t real hip to the idea of that happening.  Ok, that’s understandable. 

Sure Got Late Real Early is a singer/songwriter’s singer/songwriter record with a mellow classic rock vibe comprised of all sorts of talent waiting to bust out at the right when Katy Perry needs a down tempo B-side.  The production is top notch with credit going to Jones and Band of Horses/ The National producer, Mike Brown.   Now, I am going to admit that I just browsed back through the press release and came across the line about Sure Got Late Real Early having a Jackson Browne/ Eagles feel to the record according to a fancy rock writer.  Turns out, that’s the same vibe I got before even getting the press release.  Good job,  Dennis Cook, you nailed it.   Sure Got Late Real Early has that laid back California songwriting vibe all over it but in the yearning melancholy sort of a Jackson Browne record.  It’s also not a far stretch to think that Lindsey Buckingham and/or Glenn Frey might be lurking in the album credits because they stumbled into the studio after a nightlong bender to check out the action...40 years ago.   

So, maybe you aren’t going to rock out to it but this is the kind of record that goes well with a hot cup of coffee while sitting in your breakfast nook or over the speakers of your favorite java house.  To my ears, I hear a record that was meant to be played on your car’s stereo while cruising down a corn field lined country road while trying to digest some of life’s heavier sentiments.  Look, not all songwriters can be as happy as a bag of Skittles...even if Katy Perry helped you with a line or two.  Casual music listeners need not apply.   Tim’s songwriting is classic, pro, and worthy of an honest listen.  

Ok, as promised...round two in our Hoosier Two-fer: David Corley’s Available Light.

David Corley has a cool story.  Most notably, he’s not a spring chicken like most are when they decide to chase the muse that leads aspiring musicians and songwriters to Nashville.  I believe he is 53.   He has lead a real interesting life during his 53 years on the planet.  He’s something of a mystic and has a degree in Computer Science.  Turns out, he is also a fantastic singer/songwriter.  David and I have something in common, other than a love of music, and that is that we are both from Lafayette, Indiana.  So, believe me when I say that even though Lafayette is fairly hip for being the most conservative college town in the Big Ten (it even has a fairly decent music scene), it’s not really a place where you can peddle your tunes if you are hoping to propagate a living from your music. move somewhere you you see the theme here?  Ok.  Being as that David and I probably have about 43 friends in common on Facebook, somewhere out on the town I heard that he packed it in and lived out of his van so that he could reside in Music City.  

1.)  That’s dedication. 
2.)  I have the same sort of I think it is really awesome that he did his 50’s, none the less.  Inspiring, even.

I think David’s gamble has paid off so far.  Available Light is a SUPERB debut record.  Most of all, it surprised me.  Most people who would take off for Nashville from my hometown would be chasing that big country music hit, or so I mistakenly thought.  In reality, Available Light is more like a Tom Waits/Randy Newman mash-up with a healthy dash of Warren Zevon thrown in there.  Maybe a dash of Leonard Cohen on top as well.  David has a gravely voice and the songs aren’t overly complicated, which is to say they have a classic feel to them.  Hugh Christopher Brown’s production isn’t fancy but it is really on point (Which is kind of a Hoosier hallmark, if I say so myself.  Not bad for a Canadian. ;) ).  The album provides a clear picture of the vision while remaining rough around the edges, but in just the right places; naturally, unforced.  Each song is capable of standing out or standing on it’s own while complimenting the bigger picture being presented.  They are each incredibly endearing in their own unique way, but familiar with each other...kind of like an Amish quilt made from tattered denim.  Hoosiers, dude...I’m telling you.  We got it going on!   The track ‘Dog Tales’ really jumped out at me, but that is because it is a rocker compared to the rest of the album.  The title track and ‘Easy Mistake’ are also very memorable. The latter is featured with a music video.  However, like I said, it’s a complete album and a stellar debut that proves that it doesn’t matter when you get started, as long as you get started.  Available Light will be definitely be going down as one of my favorite releases of the year.  You can get it anywhere that you get your music 
these days. 

Both artists are professionsals, which is to say that you can buy their music wherever it is that you buy music and they have profiles in all of the usual places.  Investigate if your curiosity is peaked and let them know if you liked it.  

Cheers from The Hoosier State. 

- The Grime

David Corley 'Easy Mistake' from S M T on Vimeo.

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