Monday, June 8, 2015

Gorgantherron - Second Sun

Gorgantherron from Evansville, IN, are a band I've been fortunate to see live several times. A fantastic band on stage, they were able to translate that environment to the studio with their self-titled debut EP a few years back. Now, they are back with the release of their first full-length album, 'Second Sun'. How did they fare, you ask? Hell, 'Second Sun' is truly amazing and I can't stop playing it. They join a good number of bands whom already have made 2015 a fantastic year so far musically, and that's how it should be.

The title track launches Gorgantherron in their quest for world domination, with a big fat Black Sabbath riff leading the way until Clint's vocals kicks in. Warped, twisted and gritty it's the perfect start to this amazing album. 'Superluminal' follows and albeit slightly slower, it obliterates. Full of groove and riffs, it is kind of trippy until about halfway through, when the band hits sixth gear and simply tears it up...beautiful! Spaced out, eerie and led-heavy, 'Bookbinder' crawls along slowly and ready to pounce on any unsuspecting listener. Gradually picking up the pace I find myself headbanging like a maniac, only to crash into a brick wall as the song abruptly slows down to fade out. Next up is my absolute favourite, 'Pre-warp Civilization'. Fuzzed out and on a fantastic space trip, Gorgantherron are at their very best here. Not cutting any corners, they let all their ideas and inspirations flood the song and it's definitely a one-of-a-kind composition of the highest order! Sinister and doomy, 'Seventh Planet' is dark and punishing and out there in space, ready to attack with full force.

In your face right from the get-go, 'The Stone' sees the band annihilating everything in sight. Both the guitar and the bass guitar, courtesy of Clint Logan and Toby Richardson respectively, are riffing like crazy until the guitar solo kicks in and air of Thin Lizzy rolls in. All while Chris Flint holds it all together, pounding the drums like a madman. Serene and peaceful at first, 'Paranoia' is kind of bluesy in parts and heavy in others. And like a paranoiac the song rolls back and forth between moods at different paces...good stuff. Lurking and menacing, this stoner piece called 'Entropy' is soaked in blues as well as 70's heavy rock. Sounds strange? Well, it's not waveriders. It works so well and hits home perfectly for this old heavy rocker. Last out is 'Defy' and this is how you close out an album. The thunderous bass guitar leads the way at first, allowing the guitar to belt out some awesome riffs with pounding drums shattering my brain. Once Gorgantherron kick into higher gear, the song becomes brutal in the best possible way. My already worn-out neck receives more abuse as I head bang frantically!

'Second Sun' is a must-have, you hear?! I mean, if you love Stoner Rock and Doom mixed with a good pinch of heavy 70's rock, how could you not love Gorgantherron? Add to this the fact that the guys are DIY. They create and release their fantastic music own their own, as well as touring a lot without any label backing.  So don't miss out on them, waveriders, because Gorgantherron deserves recognition and you need their music in your lives!

- Swedebeast

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