Thursday, May 28, 2015

Teepee Creeper – Ashes Of The Northwest

I like it when a band just comes out of nowhere and knocks it out of the park.  That would be Teepee Creeper on this here album.  They've been a secret indulgence of those of us in the Northwest but with this release I think a LOT of other people are going to discover how good this band is.  If there is any justice in the world.

You like your rock heavy, sludgy, a little doomy here and there, with traces of Sabbathian majesty?  Kind of spacey and stonery, too?  Just put a check mark next to all of those boxes and push play on this beauty of an album, and spend the next 30 minutes in bliss.  There's nothing complicated, nothing you have to think about too much with this band, and that is completely all right.  Sometimes you just need to groove to some heavy shit.  Welcome to your soundtrack.

“Far Far Away” opens things up with some crushing heaviness and lyrics about joining the aliens who visit our planet and going, well, far, far away.  “Galactic Oblivion” comes along, kind of sneaks up on you, and then the riff just hits you in the chest like a sledgehammer.  Title track “Ashes of the Northwest” alternates between being just somewhat heavy and being so heavy that you can't breathe.  And those are just the first 3 tracks.

The rest of the album continues in the same pattern, kind of like 50 shades of heavy.  It's all going to fill that spot inside of you that craves the heavy, that spot that needs some sludgy goodness to make you feel alive.  If you need to, you know, imbibe, and then need something to bob your head along to, this will fill that need too, in spades.  I listen to some albums and wonder why this has to be so long.  This one is not long enough.

Go to Bandcamp and search these guys out.  Buy it on digital, buy it on CD, but get your hands on this now.  If they come through your town, make a point to go see them.  These are the kind of bands that we need to support, so they are able to stick around and make more music like this.  More music like this would do the world a lot of good, and maybe, just maybe, we can drive all the pop stars off the planet and just live in a world where dudes like these are the stars.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review! We will have new music early fall and a split on ripple next year!

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