Monday, May 11, 2015

Bucky's Bandcamp Bonanza - May Edition

First off, sorry for lack of updates on the bandcamp front. Those that utilize bandcamp to its fullest extent probably haven't missed out on much, especially if they follow the cool kids crowd. Personally I've slowed down slightly as I'm trying to save a little bit of money for real life stuff, but I did manage to get over the 800 album mark in my collection a few weeks back. Here are some albums of note:

Out of Space - Invaders
"Brain melting stuff. Intensely trippy groove with killer hypnotics vocals throughout the entire half hour plus set. Such a crunchy, infectious, psychedelic rhythm!"

Young Wolves - High and Mighty
"Something about the heavy psychedelic rock sprouting up in Nashville lately. Totally intriguing blend of fat fuzz and kaleidoscopic doom meets blues. Love it. Not too far off their Nashville neighbors, All Them Witches."
Honestly I don't know why there isn't more activity on this page. Perhaps its the price? The quality justifies the higher price in my opinion, but suit yourself. Check it out at least.

Palace in Thunderland - In The Afterglow of Unity
"Thunderland is a beautiful place maintaining a pleasantly doomy climate scattered with poppy hooks and a glowing opportunity for musical prowess. Combining a Torchey sludge pop with a Mastodon melody and the rhythm and flow of today's greatest stoner rock the Palace is open for business and business is good!"

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - Population IV
Came up on this beauty of a label collection while trolling the feed and ended up buying two vinyl records. Check out Captcha Records page for a string of unique listens.
"Well if this isn't the shiniest diamond in the dreamiest rough? Super trippy fuzz drowned in progressively western psychedelia! Album of the day! 4-21-15 FFO Across Tundras, Tumbleweed Dealer..... Oh and Sabbath. There's a little bit of Sabbath worship interjected for good measure."

Viaje a lxtlan - Vol II
"An immaculate display of spaced out riffs! I am not normally one for mostly instrumental and foreign language jams, but this Argentinian desert/space rock is unbelievable.  I could listen to this all day, and have today, picks up right where the glorious debut left off." I was blown away with their last album as well and got the notification of the release of this new one I was all over it. Seriously smoldering stuff!

Apex Shrine - Home Baked
"This is unbelievable people! I second Harry's comment. For a modern comparison think 'The Golden Grass' with superb guitar solos and groovy psychedelic melodies. I listen at least once a week."

Kendra - Kendra Demo 2015
"Harry is right, there is nothing bad about this album at all, other than me wondering how I'm going to scrape my melted brain off the front of my seat and put it back into my crushed skull cavity which occurred on my commute home from work. Staggering display of uniquely gratifying jams. Took a good minute to get into, but before too long you will see what we're talking about."

Hip Hatchet - Hold You Like A Harness
"Glad I stumbled onto this elegantly gritty Americana. Dark atmospherics create a pleasantly uplifting mood packed full of great lyrics. For fans of Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle, James McMurtry..."

Killer Penis - King of Slaps
I couldn't go on without giving this one a mention. If you are into a melodic punk rock look no further. "Never mind the silly band name. Or wait, no, take heed of the band name. Guard your vaginas, wrap your cocks, King of Slaps you in the special place with its ultra melodic punk rock and roll. Fast paced meaty licks, with throbbing gang bang vocals pump the speakers in style. Really, listen before you judge!"

These are just a few highlights I've come across since last time and I encourage you all to sign up and join the party over at bandcamp. Much more to come.

-The Huntsman

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