Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WOVOKA: Invisible Oranges Now Streaming LA Post-Metallers' Crushing Debut Saros In Its Entirety

"Wovoka manage to do what their forebears in Neurosis did, and capture a sense of natural force that is larger and more powerful than the efforts of the band members themselves." - Invisible Oranges

"Blending heavy vs heavier dynamics with elephant marching parts, this band might be the thing you’ve been looking for all along." - Metal Injection

"Wovoka proves they're one of the most exciting bands to come from the post-metal world in a very long time. A truly stunning debut record." - The Sludgelord

SoCal sludge/post-metal outfit WOVOKA's stunning, epic debut, Saros, comes out tomorrow on Battleground Records. Today, you can stream the whole record on Invisible Oranges and get a taste of why the metal world is so stoked on this band--and then preorder the CD/DD right here.

Hear Saros in full on Invisible Oranges RIGHT HERE.

Formed circa January 2013 among the monolithic concrete sprawl of the greater Los Angeles area, the post-metal quartet Wovoka have been developing a sound that speaks to the ear with a wide range of robust dynamics, fragile melodies, and measured surges of psychedelic color. The music is conceptual and delves deep into the many contrasting elements of human thought and belief, but it is not a sermon for or against anything, rather it is a study of what makes us tick and develop the ideas that we do. As to how Wovoka themselves perceive this great mystery, there are fragments and clues to be found within the songs, lyrics, and artwork of their upcoming debut album. The panoramic scope of the story is too big to be written in stone or sky, so it must be absorbed and imprinted upon the mind’s eye of each listener. Wovoka only hopes to open the door and to unveil those possibilities and points of view beyond the narrow sight of thinking oneself to be the center of the universe.

If you missed it, you can also hear "Chosen" on NO CLEAN SINGING at THIS LOCATION or "The Sight" on Metal Injection at THIS LOCATION.

Eric Kniss - Guitar & Vocals
Rashid Nadjib - Bass
Cody Schnieders - Guitar & Vocals
Troy Schoenbaum - Drums


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