Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Sludgelord presents: Paralysis Vol 2

Oh yeah, the good people over at The Sludgelord have done it again. The second installment in their compilation series, 'Paralysis', was unleashed a little bit ago, and as always I am totally blown away. 32 songs are on offer and how the hell they managed to get all these bands to participate is beyond me. But that alone is quite an accomplishment. With so many songs at hand, I won't go through them all. Instead, I will focus on my favourites and give you the enjoyment of discovering your own gems. Therefore, don't let my choices deter your judgement. Listen to ALL the contributions because there is something for everyone on this amazing creation. And just because I like some tracks more than the others, doesn't mean those left out are bad, you hear!

To begin with, there are eight compositions that really stand out to me. The Midnight Ghost Train never fail to deliver, and 'BC Trucker' is no different. This is top class hard and heavy sludgy rock...badass! Steak kind of surprised me with 'Pisser'. Wasn't overly thrilled with their album 'Slab City', but this time around they nail it. The song is taken from said album so I don't know what happened. Maybe I needed time to warm up to these guys, which is good cause they are on fire. Black Pussy are causing waves for all sorts of reasons at the moment. So let's focus on the music, alright. 'For The Sake Of Argument' is groovy, laidback, yet in my face and simply amazing. Love it. What is there to say about Alunah that hasn't been said before? Suggestive, psychedelic, hypnotic and doomy, 'Awakening The Forest' is mesmerizing beyond words. Sweden's The Graviators take traditional doom and turn it on it's head and absolutely crush on 'Leif's Last Stand'. 'The Web' by Pet The Preacher is another mesmerizing and hypnotic song. Kind of bluesy in all it's heaviness and fantastic. One of the biggest surprises for me are Pist. Had never heard of them before, but their contribution, 'Witter' is a scorcher, it there ever was one. Big fat riffs shatter my eardrums but man, it's awesome! Last one out in the top department is France's Barabbas with 'Judas est une femme'. They play old style doom with a great mix of metal and a heavy, gloomy atmosphere.

Other bands I want to mention are Greenhorn, Gurt, Jackpine Snag, Last Minute To Jaffna, Bloodmoon, Buzzherd, Nauseahtake and Astralnaut. And like I said above, even though these songs and the rest won't get the royal treatment they are not bad. The guys at The Sludgelord have worked their asses off to put this compilation together, so take the time and go through it all. I mean, you rarely come across a treasure trove like this so make it worthwhile, waveriders. This is good stuff indeed!

- Swedebeast

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