Friday, March 20, 2015

New Album From Mountain Tamer

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Mountain Tamer, California's premiere psychedelic rock power trio, has unleashed their much anticipated demo, fittingly branded MTN TMR, Friday, 3.13.15. The band will tour the west coast in support of this release late March through April. MTN TMR delivers a relentless, hard hitting 3 tracks, showcasing Mountain Tamer's ability to produce a psychedelic, mind-altering experience in their most cohesive work so far. The demo is only a  small portion of  what to expect form their full length album, planned for release in late 2015.

Since 2010, Mountain Tamer has refused to set a limit on psychedelic experimentation, as evidenced by their immersive recordings as well as in their one of a kind, high energy live performance. The heavy psychedelic sounds Mountain Tamer creates are formed through a union between the raw psychedelia of the 60’s, the powerful and heavy riffs of the 70’s, plus a modern, spacey twist that is truly unique to the band. Taking the stage with international acts such as Radio Moscow, Capsula and Dead Meadow, the band knows how to make a crowd come alive and entrance the listener from beginning to end.

Tour Dates:

3/27   Caffe Pergolesi     Santa Cruz, CA
4/1   The Blue Lagoon    Santa Cruz, CA
4/8   Los Globos   Los Angeles, CA
4/9   Alex's Bar      Long Beach, CA

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