Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monolord on tour with Salem's Pot

UK & European Tour Dates in Full:

Feb 18th – KB18 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Feb 19th – Kufa Löseke (Hildesheim, Germany)
Feb 20th – Merleyn (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Feb 21st – Vera (Groningen, Netherlands)
Feb 22nd – Het Bos (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Feb 23rd – The Anvil (Bournemouth, UK)
Feb 24th – The Library (Leeds, UK)
Feb 25th – The Black Heart (London, UK)
Feb 26th – Glazart (Paris, France)
Feb 27th – Heretic Club (Bordeaux, France)
Feb 28th – Sala Sonora (Erandio, Spain)
Mar 1st – Wurlitzer Ballroom (Madrid, Spain)
Mar 2nd – RockSound (Barcelona, Spain)
Mar 3rd – The Black Sheep (Montpellier, France)
Mar 5th – Arena (Vienna, Austria)
Mar 6th – P.M.K. (Innsbruck, Austria)
Mar 7th – TBA (Munich, Germany)
Mar 8th – Alma (Leipzig, Germany)
Mar 21st – Kulturhuset Bastionen (Uddevalla, Sweden)
Apr 9th – Roadburn Festival (Tilburg, Netherlands)
Apr 10th – Crystal (Berlin, Germany)
Jul 10th – Lo-Fi (Milan, Italy)
Jul 11th – Stick And Stone Fest (Nikolsdorf, Austria)
Aug 14th – Leper Hardcore Fest (Leper, Belgium)
“We’re not going to hold back from you discovering your new favorite band. Behold! Monolord.”
Decibel Magazine

“Remember that time you drove your battered old VW out into the woods, took an unfeasible amount of peyote and listened to nothing but Sleep, Ufomammut and YOB for four days straight? No? Well, this is going to trigger one hell of a flashback.”

“No shit guitar solos, no questionable vocals, just relentlessly heavy riffs generated by this newly formed monolithic Swedish trio. Love their name, sound and heavyweight approach.”
The Bug

“This is a record no doom devotee can afford to miss, laying out a veritable smorgasbord of great riffs and electrifying moments. Remember the name.”

“This is a great record, and the hypnotic low settling cloud that engulfs it just about pulls Empress Rising through for me as an album meriting recognition as a doom monolith of 2014.”

“When Monolord find the right balance, the result is a stunning example of 90s-tinged doom. Opening track ‘Harbinger of Death’ is them at their most Electric Wizard, and would fit nicely on Witchcult Today; high praise indeed, and most deserved for this head-nodding groove. On the slow creep of ‘Audhumbla’, they sublimate the Sleep influence and find their own somnambulistic style, with that gut-churning effect described before acting not as a side effect but a featured player, roiling and rolling before stepping back to let the listener breathe, then swooping back in for another round.”
Last Rites
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