Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ZQKMGDZ - Dimension Plasma

ZQKMGDZ, short for "10.000 km² gegen die Zeit," is one of the more interesting band names to come on the radar as of recent memory. When I first got the promo I thought the tags must have been screwed up, but then I realized this was Pink Tank Records we were working with. Pink Tank is known for being armed with nothing but the most unique and intriguing, heavy rocking, mind bending bands east of the Atlantic. I for one am in love with this relatively new DIY label cocked and loaded to the brim with a lethal combination of psychedelic fuzz rock to instrumental stoner space odysseys such as SautruS, Libido Fuzz, Camel Driver, and the infamous Bone Man just to name a few. Dimension Plasma fits the label's theme perfectly with its tripped out blend of spacey jams, paranoid vocal chants and panoramic riffs.

The band is a three piece based in Lübeck, Germany with a debut offering being this 4 song stunner drifting just over the 30 minute mark which is sure to have you seeing stars. Like the concept of a pink war tank, ZQKMGDZ will drop your jaw as it tracks across the battlefield flaunting its sexy gun barrels and jagged under armor. Elements of stoner, psych, doom, and experimental space rock present themselves throughout each and every 32 minutes of this record. The song titles alone insinuate the members are either all about having a good time or they are flat out trippin' balls, or perhaps a bit of both. I can't quite label it better myself as Pink Tank calls it "Interstellar Psycho Doom".

Brainsnail Octopus launches straight out of the atmosphere powered by swirling riffs, propelling  rhythm and an overdose of crazed out vocal moans. The riffs circulate like a burning ball of karma causing necks to break and ears to melt. The vocals sound as foreign as the song name suggests, and the attitude commences forth like a skater on an empty pool with no pads and a marijuana cigarette hanging from his lips.

Mammoth Manifest manifests more of the same throbbing fuzz backed by innate moans. Rawk n roll disguised by punk'd up spacey atmosphere create a deserted sense of bearing. I seriously don't know what they are singing about and I don't care at this point because it sounds so cool.

Ambrosia continues on the theme of galactic doom with more massive hooks and interstellar explosiveness. At this point I still hadn't picked up on a tangible lyric, and to be honest it doesn't matter. The lyrics are more like turbo boosters to the distorted riff rockets.

As if you really needed a quaalude by this point in the journey the closer Astrosabbath completely numbs the pain with a scorching display of blues based stoner solos. Dark and doomy riffs throttle across the moonlit desert roosting up fragments of the Sabbath spirit while demented vocal cries kiss the starlit sky.

Not only does ZQKMGDZ completely rule, but it knocks one out of the atmosphere with its tremendously infectious combination of heavy doom riffs and fuzz based psychedelics. I found myself thoroughly enjoying this new record. Perhaps a bit more than the last few Pink Tank releases, which I highly recommend as well. The record is currently up for pre-order for the limited wicked splatter vinyl LP via the label link below and digitally on bandcamp where you can see there are already other recommendations waiting to be adhered to. This one truly is something special and its doubtful that you are going to hear anything like it the rest of the year. I suggest you buy it and keep tabs on Pink Tank Records. They have been going on a rampage with signing some amazing bands.

-The Huntsman

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