Sunday, December 28, 2014

Witchrist Stream New Iron Bonehead Mini Album At

Today, Kiwi black/death barbarians Witchrist stream the entirety of their forthcoming Vritra MLP - set for international release on 12" vinyl on December 31st via Iron Bonehead Productions - at heavily trafficked web-portal Alongside Diocletian (with whom they share members) and Heresiarch, Witchrist are a part of a cabal of New Zealand bands bringing barbarity and savagery back into black/death metal, and they've proven their dominance with two uniquely challenging LPs, 2010's Beheaded Ouroboros and 2012's The Grand Tormentor. Ever restless, just like that beheaded ouroboros, and now with KzR from the mighty Bölzer on vocals,Witchrist yet again flip the script and smash boundaries with Vritra. Compared to the hypnotic bestiality of their first album and the war-metal overload of their second, on Vritra, the quartet drive deep into eldritch grinding death metal. World-eating in the realm of chaos, Witchrist prove with Vritra that in battle there is no law, and proceed to grindcrush the listener into all that remains. Three tracks, and all aptly titled - "Haruspex," "Transmuting Rituals," and the telltale "The Golden Ascent" - coalescing into a symbiosis of titanic heft and cosmic vastness: Vritra is the beginning, and the end. Hear its all-consuming totality in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of CVLTNation. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
Tracklisting for Witchrist's Vritra
1. Haruspex
2. Transmuting Rituals
3. The Golden Ascent

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