Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hrizg Unveils New Lineup, Begins Work On Next Moribund Album

Hrizg returns with fresh news. After 10 years alone, Erun Dagoth (AKA Hrizg until now) has summoned three wandering souls to the discipline: Enserune (Enserune, Neverendinghate, ex-Lucifuego) on bass guitar, Kaornekan (ex-Bittencross, ex-Fatal Portrait) on guitar, and Varkhen (ex-Bittencross, ex-Forestdome, ex-Fatal Portrait) on drums.
Individualism - the third album of Hrizg, released this summer by Moribund Records - has set an end to an era. As Erun Dagoth stated, "This album marks an epoch, an unholy trinity with Oaken Path of Grief [2007] and Anthems to Decrepitude [2011]. Now begins another age. I think the music and essence will go to the next level."
Hrizg are working on new material in their rehearsal place for their next Moribund release, but they're also preparing some old songs for upcoming live shows. 

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