Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gorilla Pulp – Hell In A Can

The album begins with 30 seconds of jungle jingle composed of the elegant gorilla grunt. I suppose the intro fits as Gorilla Pulp is the band name and judging by the cover and name combo one can assume they're in for a good time.

Hell In A Can is the latest release by Mother Fuzzer Records who, judging by their catalogue, possess parental powers in the fuzz metal realm. Rather than straight up fuzz rock, Gorilla Pulp stray towards a heavy punk rock and roll route, emphasizing the deadly combo of speed metal with punk rock and primal lust driven focus with melodically catchy chorus lines.

The 4 songs go relatively quick but pack enough heat to keep the juices flowing rapidly and wild. Gruff vocal chants by both lead and backup vocalists hammer out sleazy lyrics while visions of cheap domestic beer flats dance in their heads. Raise your cans high cause this EP will have you staggering in awe. Stoner fuzz and meat-head blues back the punk-ass vocal moans that lead in and out of tremendously groovy chorus lines.

At first I thought this was another spoof band judging off the cover, the band name, and the video for the single Mean Devil Blues featuring none other than porn star Marina Mantero (yes, I had to look her up). We all know that porn and metal go hand in hand right? Rather than blowing them off as a hoax, without a proper listen, I watched the entire video which blew my mind. Straight up heavy blues sets the stage twanging straight into a flying V guitar barrage. The melodic chorus kicks in midway through (as they do on each of the 4 songs) and breaks up the snarly vocal pattern quite nicely. Not only was it sexy, perverted and sarcastic, but it rocked hard and packed some serious riffage with a twisted ending. Listening to the full EP on Bandcamp brought more of the same. The great part is if you're into the spoofy band stuff, you'll love this. If you hate that sort of thing, there's still much to love as this is serious rock n’ roll. Hell In A Can is a genuine effort which should not be blown off by any fan of heavy rock. I can't wait to hear more from these guys.

-The Huntsman

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