Wednesday, October 29, 2014

THORR-AXE: Indiana-Based Blackened Doom Quartet Announces New Album, Gates Of Winter; Preorders Available Now

As winter begins to rear its icy head in the Northern Hemisphere, the mythologically-inspired, blackened-doom quartet hailing from Bloomington, Indiana known as THORR-AXE have announced the arrival of their sophomore album, Gates Of Winter: January 13, 2015.

"Cold, frosty doom” act Thorr-Axe is a raiding party comprised of four guys with a mutual love of heavy music who belch forth tales of dragons, wizards, frost giants, and vikings putting axes through people's skulls. A party of the blackest kind, which the Sleeping Shaman once referred to as “a crushing rifforama that boldly sets all axes to bludgeon-mode,” and every metal head with a black heart and a wry smile is invited.

Track Listing:

1. Open The Gates
2. The Seer's Vision
3. Four Hooves
4. Mountain Crusher
5. The Forging Ritual

CD preorders of Gates Of Winter are available now at THIS LOCATION.

Praise for Thorr-Axe’s 2011 debut album, Wall Of Spears:

"Put simply, this 9-song showcase is a feast of continent-sized riffs. Imagine The Sword taking on Amon Amarth for a late night Dungeons and Dragons battle with Matt Pike on hand to drink beer and advise The Sword on its strategy and you’re pretty much there.”
- Pete Green, The Sleeping Shaman

"Wall Of Spears invokes a raging world of wizards and warriors, hell-breathing dragons and a nice cold beer or 50 to celebrate the smashing of the enemy’s skull under the double-edged blade. This is the kind of record that sneaks up on unsuspecting souls before unleashing a Viking hammer between the eyes."
- Nate Vaught, Forbidden Magazine

Thorr-Axe is: 

Tucker Thomasson: Guitar/ Vocals
Mitchell McKinney: Guitar
Garrett Daniels: Bass
Jacob Lett: Drums/ Vocals


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