Sunday, August 3, 2014

Swashbuckle - We Hate The Sea EP

At first glance I didn't know what to expect looking at the band photo, band name and song titles.  But about 4 seconds in you realize this is no joke band despite the gimmick.  New Jersey’s Swashbuckle brings an onslaught of thrash metal with plenty of circle pit based riffs that would make even the snobbiest metal kids head bang.  Swashbuckle is the type of band that can hang with anyone and they have been booking themselves on prestigious events like Summer Breeze, 70000 Tons Of Metal, and Wacken Open Air Festival.

Despite the silly subject matter Swashbuckle's music is great.  So what if they aren't caught up in that “I’m so metal” style where if you aren't super serious you suck.  I mean with song titles like 'Beer Goggles' and 'Poop Deck Toilet Wreck' how you can go wrong?  Swashbuckle is a great band with plenty of chops. They look like people you would want to drink with.  I hope to catch them live one dayI wish the album was longer because more Pirate metal is what this world needs.  I encourage each one of you to check out this record.  For fans of Testament, Exhorder and Entombed.

- Claudezilla

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