Friday, August 8, 2014

July's Harvest

Music has no limit, no seasonal restrictions, and not unlike a ferocious lion stalking its prey, the thrill of the kill not only fulfills a hunger to survive but provides a sense of gratification beyond numerical measure. So far this year I have been listening to record amounts of music. With that goes trying to remember all the artists I’ve sampled, as well as deciding which ones were worthy of spreading the good word about, and last but not least which ones I wanted to play over and over despite knowing there are new albums sitting on the virtual shelf at any given moment that could be the next album of the year. With that, here is a list of the most played and worthy albums that have graced my ears during the month of July. You can find previous months favorites over at my personal blog that I am not very active on to catch up or if you’re curious about other albums that you may have missed. I try and feature the more obscure and not so talked about albums within the community to an extent as my nature is to root for the underdogs. These represent my most played and highest regarded albums out of over 100 new albums added this month. Take note, I only add good albums which means I think these are really good.

8. John Gallow – Violet Dreams
Some of the coolest, most interesting “true doom” I’ve heard all year. From the plodding riffage to the most dire vocals, John Gallow compiles over an hour of extreme doom bliss. Take a listen over at bandcamp and see what the fuss is all about.

7. Mt. Mountain – EP
Here’s what I had to say on bandcamp, “Listened once through on bandcamp, and although I'm going broke I bought the vinyl as soon as the last song finished. This is brilliant! I only buy vinyl on records I adore. Absolutely stunning! And look at that wax! Can't wait for the mailman.” I have since received the vinyl edition of 250 and it goes up there into one of the cooler records I’ve ordered this year.

6. Kallus Valley – No Burning Fire EP
“Kallus Valley is chalked to the brim with scorching melodic groove flowing with heavy metal hot enough to melt your face and smooth enough to have you drooling for more.

5. The Loudermilks – The Loudermilks
Another wicked vinyl record, limited to 100, purchased and not to go unheard. Rising stars in the alternative country/Americana realm, well rising under the Loudermilks name that is. The harmonizing duo of the Louvin Brothers will have you dancing and crying tears of joy into your beer in no time. Formerly smashing it out in Lou Ford back in the day, The Loudermilks combine classic country twang with alternative punk rock and just the right amount of fuck off attitude and honest  lyrics. This stuff gets a lot of playtime at my house. Definitely worth checking out for fans of Lucero, Jason Isbell, The Jayhawks, etc….

4. Heat – Labyrinth
“Ripped and toned muscular chops slay away to the fast paced girthy riffs. The entire album is packed full of energy maintaining a psychedelic backbone with plenty of rock star attitude, and bluesy perception. Comparisons range amongst Witchcraft, Graveyard, Horisont and Sideburn with its retro sensibility including proficient use of the organ and superb execution of ripping guitar solos. “

3. Old Major - …With Love
“Such an eclectic mix of familiar styles of music ranging from grunge to metal and stoner rock to alternative noise. If I had to compare I'd say a hybrid of QOTSA and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Fantastic treat to break up the monotony of day to day discoveries.”

2. Flood – Oak
Absolutely floored upon listening to this monster of a heavy doom record. It’s doom metal with catchy hooks and blistering slabs of menacing vocals reminiscent of Torche. Listen to the opening number in its entirety and tell me you are automatically rigid with back hair on end. Volcom records strikes again with its diverse taste on Oak by Flood. No joke, this is the real deal. Late month discovery passed to me by Steve Howe of Sludgelord fame. He’s probably already got a full review in as I know he agrees, this is some of the best stuff of the year likely to go under the radar.

1. Moab – Billow
Holy fucking shit was I floored by this free album download featured by the one and only Scion A/V.? Don’t hesitate as Moab completely crushes its psychedelic trance inducing, bludgeoning and angular doom riffs against the helpless listeners ears. Vocals resemble an Ozzy Osbourne solo era, croon with more of a west coast desert doom backbone. Took me a couple listens to fully appreciate what we have here and it was fucking free over at Scion. You can’t afford not to add this to your collection. I love it. If this isn’t included in many best of the year lists, well then I will be sitting alone in the corner Billowing my thoughts to Moab and shaking my head in disappointment of the human race. ;)

July yielded one of the more successful months of the year on the hunt for the elusive album of the year. Who knows, one of these could end up landing a spot on my trophy list at the end of the year. Let us know some of your favorite finds, and don’t be afraid to say you think these releases suck, cause there may definitely be a heavier, blacker, and deadlier album out there for you, these ones topped my month and hopefully you can find something worth your while as well.

-The Huntsman

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