Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Four Quickies

Kap Kap - Flux of Solace

This is a damn good record. One of the best this year. Really. I mean it. It's crazy, it's fresh sounding, it's fun to listen to, it spins and makes circles in the air. Maybe they used magic to make it? If you listen close, you can hear the screams of the innocents used as sacrifices during the recording. But really, I don't want to spoil the fun by trying to describe this, just find out for yourself. DO IT.

White Reaper -

These guys are just a tidal wave of sound. It is fantastic. I've been listening to these dudes for about a week now, and it just puts a smile on my face every time. A couple favorite tracks are "Conspirator" and "Funn." To me, Funn almost sounds like "She's the One" by The Ramones. That's a good thing, even the Gabba Gabba men didn't make this much noise. It's a short album, well worth your time.


Pillar Point -

I get into these moods where I like chill synth pop. During such times I often turn to bands like Suicide (so, maybe synth pop wasn't the right word, or chill, but who's keeping score?), Neon Indian, Kaskade, Portishead, Grouper, and the boys over at Webbed Hand Records. But, lately, I've been keen on Pillar Point. Who is Pillar Point? No idea. I don't tend to do a lot of research on the bands, I just accept things that come to me. Lazy? Sure. This is solid stuff though, nonetheless. Check out the song's "Cherry" and "Black Hole", you'll get me.


Alvvays -

This is a little out of my norm. It's a little on the cheery pop side of things I don't usually go for, but I'll be damned if "Archie, Marry Me" isn't catchy as hell. The singer hits notes in an interesting sort of way. She has a really unique voice. This is probably one of those "you need to listen to the lyrics" albums, but I'm bad at that because words are just music for me. So, maybe there's a lot more to this than just cool songs and good music, but this is one pop album that hits me just the right way.


- Headshot

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