Monday, July 7, 2014


There are many words to describe Wretched's New album, But honestly only one really fits Great. Wretched isn't a cookie cutter overnight success they are living proof that hard-work and persistence pays off.  The NC metal outfit have stayed true to their Formula of Thrash based unforgiving Death Metal.

The bands Latest release Cannibal Is a everything you could work in a death metal record, But its not just that. It's Brutal yet extremely  Melodic. the musicianship is some of the most technical you will find on any modern metal record. The Guitar playing alone is some of the best you could ask from anyone, But that's not the only thing the band has going for them. The Bass and drums are very much a part the this.  The Vocals are Brutal and very catchy. Which is rare now a days. The Distance themselves from the Death core that has Flooded the scene in recent years.Wretched is on whole other level and definitely a band to watch.

From Beginning of the record to the final note it had me locked in when it stopped I was like that's all not realizing I had Listened to eleven tracks. I really wanted more and don't get me wrong the album  is not  short its just really enjoyable. So Go listen you will enjoy it. Go see them on this Aummer at the  Rockstar energy tour and buy their albums.

For fans of Black Dahlia Murder,The Faceless, At the Gates, Big Guitar Solos! and Just good music.


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