Thursday, July 10, 2014

SautruS - Reed: Chapter 1

SautruS is a heavy tuned psychedelic/stoner band from Northern Poland formed in 2010. They combine
deepest late 60`s elements with hard driven metal influences and create a completely unique and mind
blowing sound! Now it is time for their first album “Reed: Chapter One“.

In winter 2014 they completed their first tour around north Germany and they already shared the
stages with acts like: Blues Pills, Belzebong, Weedpecker, Dopelord, Greenleaf, Bone Man, Grandloom and Ampacity. They will be back on the road in September this year to celebrate the physical release of “Reed: Chapter One“, to be released on Pink Tank Records.

SautruS is:
Weno Winter - Vocals

Michał Nowak - Guitar 

Tomek Bushmansky - Bass

Piotr 'Ochota' Ochociński -

Ragnar- Visuals

1. RICOCHET (3:48)
2. THE KNURR (4:09)
3. DUMBLEDORE (1:21)
5. IOMI IOMI (4:07)
6. FA`YKA YE`VE DOMOO (1:50)
7. LOSAO (4:44)
8. SUENTIST (7:14)

I guess this goes out firstly to all the listeners who were fortunate enough to have heard SautruS’s debut outing in Kuelmaggah Mysticism: The Prologue. Secondly any fans of heavy music in general stick around to hear about the band in the spotlight. Discussed in depth over at The Paranoid Histophrenic  blog early last year, it was clear that fans were in heavy wonder  as to whether  the EP was some sort of actual prologue to a much larger chapter of listening with intention of covering an entire body of musical work? It was clear SautruS were onto something as The EP was a much needed ear cleanse and refreshing take on the heavy stoner rock realm as Lucas put into words for the rest of us.  For it being over a year since I last listened to the EP, I honestly had forgotten about the initial hopes I had for a continuation of the apparent stoner novel.  It wasn’t hours after I had received my email from the band notifying me that the new Chapter had been released on bandcamp, that I received a message from Jan Von Beuningin of Pink Tank Records with a full copy of the album for review and that I had better fasten my seatbelt.

Reed: Chapter 1 answers the question raised by the EP released in 2012. The prologue set the stage with an expectation of great things to come with its blindsiding approach to progressive stoner rock. So now that we know the full length is a real deal, the next question is does it beat out the EP in terms of musical prowess? The answer a solid YES! It’s also clear by now that Poland has more than just world renowned sausage stuffed up their sleeve.

SautruS bring a fuzz factor that flows from desert stoner groove into Herculiffic riff tides of pummeling metallic force. The vocals maintain a smooth and melodic abrasiveness sailing effortlessly alongside a variable sequence of chugging riffs and doomy, psychedelic atmosphere.

The arrangement throughout the 8 song full length debut keeps things interesting with some shorter instrumental breathers on songs 3 and 6 which really strengthen the album overall. Throbbing drums reinforce the galvanic guitars while vocal chants echo in and out of tripped out solo freak outs. Highlights include the opening number Ricochet, Kuelmagga Part 2, Iomi Iomi, and the epic closer Suentist. That's half the songs. The other half round it out nicely and are split between their heavy, mellow, psychedelic and melodic natures giving the overall album high marks. There is a strong 'metal' vibe lurking throughout the stoner rock ensemble of noise. Sort of reminds me of French stoners Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel with their album Arcane, which made my top 10 albums of the year in 2013. If that's not enough comparison alone to intrigue you about Reed: Chapter 1 then you probably aren't reading this very review right now and this whole sentence is one dysfunctional run-on.

Pink Tank Records have unleashed a stoner metal monster with SautruS. Chapter 1 confidently builds upon the prologue in terms of overall impact. Whether you prefer mustard, sauerkraut or both, these Polish rockers in SautruS leave your appetite quenched and satisfied.  Not only is there two capitol S's in the band name but their music takes on 2 of my favorite aspects of hard rock music; Dark and Melodic vocal tones combined with immaculately distorted guitar riffs and cathartic solos to die for. My only complaint is that the album ended and I am left longing for a polish sausage.

Pre-sale for limited gold marbled vinyl just up via Pink tank Records at this link.

-The Huntsman

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